Sometimes, not all news is bad news. This was a remarkable blow to Macron’s WEF-endorsed globalist regime.

Free West Media has more details:

In France, the current distribution of political power is having an effect. The Macron government has suffered a resounding defeat with its first legislative proposal – which is all the more important because it is the main agenda of Western elites, namely vaccination. There will now be no QR vaccination controls at the entry and exit from France.

To this end, the right, left and conservatives had come together in an alliance of convenience: the Rassemblement National, left-wing alliance and right-wing conservative Republicans (LR) voted together against Macron and his minority government under Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

The government wanted to tighten Corona measures again with a new health law because of the allegedly increasing number of infections. When entering and leaving France, vaccination status would have been checked using a Covid health pass. But the opposition parties stood together and threw a spanner in the works.

Since the June election, the French opposition has grown. Notably the right-wing Rassemblement National led by Marine Le Pen has increased tenfold. The vote shows for the first time how difficult it will be for the government to find majorities and implement the “Great Reset” agenda in future.

[Free West Media]

Paul Joseph Watson has more details on how the vote played out in France’s parliament:

French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a humiliating setback in parliament after his vaccine passport scheme was defeated.

Macron’s minority government wanted to extend the policy whereby anyone entering France has to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

However, the right-wing populist National Rally (RN), the hard-left La France Insoumise (LFI) and the right-wing Republicains (LR) all united to vote against the policy.

Macron’s government lost the vote by a margin of 219 votes to 195.

“The bill’s defeat was met with wild cheering and a standing ovation from opposition lawmakers, in footage that was widely circulated on social media,” reports the Telegraph.


The French regime has gone wobbly. What comes next, with rip-roaring inflation and strategic NATO failure in Ukraine, is anyone’s guess…