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A politically damaged, barely viable President Biden has surveyed the political landscape, and, incredibly, chosen transsexualism as his field of battle. With inflation soaring, the economy collapsing, shortages ravaging America, a human invasion tsunami pouring over the border, and repeated international humiliations, Biden and his administration flunkies are declaring an all-out war effort to promote transgenderism in every corner of America.

President Biden is signing a sweeping new executive order on Wednesday that aims to protect LGBT youth from a raft of conservative state laws and address barriers they face to health care and housing.

The order aims to use the muscle of the federal government to push back on laws in states like Texas and Florida that have restricted access to health care for transgender youth and barred discussion in elementary schools about gender and sexual orientation.

[The Hill]

The message of the president’s new order is unambiguous: absolutely zero restrictions on bombarding children with morally degenerate sexual and gender propaganda and then permanently mutilating their genitals will be tolerated in Joe Biden’s America.

Joe Biden is certainly raising the stakes on transgenderism. The million-dollar question is, will the GOP fold, let the Biden Administration win, and let every school in America become a transgenderism factory forever?

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Despite what D.C. consultants might tell you, Republicans should accept Biden’s challenge. Until recently, the GOP’s response to the transgender epidemic has been fearful, tepid, and timid. Republicans fear cancellation, they fear backlash from the extreme left, and they fear a replay of the fight over gay marriage from a decade ago.

This fear must be banished. The Democratic campaign to abolish male and female and trannify America is something worth fighting against, and worth doing so loudly and energetically. To downplay the issue is to decide that it is politically impossible to defeat… this:

For two years, the Republican Party has cried out, “Save Women’s Sports!” South Carolina passed a transgender sports ban a month ago, and Louisiana passed one in early June. Thus far, close to twenty states have passed some kind of bill intended to protect the sanctity of women’s sports. It’s easy to see why: Those bans are really popular. A new WaPo poll shows banning transgenders from girls’ sports roughly 2:1 support. Images of biologically male runners demolishing the competition, or a male swimming hulking over his hapless vanquished female rivals, are appalling and ridiculous, and thus it’s easy to mobilize the public and politicians in opposition to such absurdities.

But at the same time, focusing so much on girl’s sports is a distraction. The worst part of the transgender mania isn’t that girls face unfair competition. The worst part of this insidious ideology is that it is an assault on the good and the true. It is a radical campaign to deny all physical, biological, and even spiritual differences between “male” and “female” which have been acknowledged and recognized in every human culture and religious tradition for all of human history. Such a bizarre and Sisyphean effort to overturn the natural order has led to such absurdities as the imposition of “preferred pronouns,” and the compulsion, under threat of economic ruin, to affirm the delusional sexual fantasies of very troubled people.

Of course, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the profound human cost of a mania, a social contagion, that is inflicting profound irreversible lifelong harms on America’s children in the pursuit of the insane lie that a man or woman can be “born in the wrong body.” The chief victims of the transgenderism explosion are not girls losing out on swimming trophies. The chief victims are the mentally vulnerable people suffering from gender dysphoria who are being “transitioned,” mutilated every which way; physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and manipulated into extreme, harmful, and irreversible life choices.

And of course, such a profound subversion of the moral order takes a psychological and spiritual toll on the rest of us who have to deal with an endless parade of demoralizing sexual propaganda in the public square, in addition to the government and corporate “civil rights” mandates and the psychological terror and intimidation campaign accompanying it.

So, by all means, state legislatures should keep passing bills to preserve the basic dignity of women’s sports. But don’t stop there. Instead of hiding from the trans issue, raise the stakes. Define the issue in clear terms and relentlessly assault the subversive enemies of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Pass laws to fight and end the social contagion. Raise the salience of the issue relentlessly on TV and at political rallies. In short, make it impossible for the public to silently acquiesce from what is happening, and make it impossible for elites to treat this issue as a fait accompli.

As a movement, transgenderism thrives on a lack of honest information and free and open debate. To learn about transsexualism and its history is to be horrified and repulsed. John Money, the psychiatrist who coined the term “gender identity,” castrated a baby boy and raised him as a girl because he believed gender was just a construct. Male-on-female sexual assault in women’s prisons is now routine, and that in the U.K., 58.9% of male-to-female transgenders have at least one sex offense on their record, comparted to just 16.8% of the general prison population. Such simple facts as these are ubiquitous in the public record, and yet viciously suppressed by the commanding heights of academia, media, and government.

Just fifteen years ago, transgenderism was a fringe oddity. Forty years ago, it was virtually unheard-of. Yet now, recent CDC estimates claim that roughly one in every seventy American teens claims to be transgender. The percentage of transgender teens has roughly doubled since 2017. The age of “interventions” keeps dropping, too.

Many children are now socially “transitioning” before they start first grade, and many are receiving the once-unthinkable treatment of puberty blockers. And don’t believe the lie puberty blockers are “fully reversible”—such pills can cause lower IQ, a critical loss of bone density, permanently immature and stunted sexual reproductive organs and genitalia, and lifelong sexual dysfunction; and that’s all before one undergoes a sex “reassignment” surgery. In fact, the same drug given as a “puberty blocker” to tiny little children is also used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

There is no evidence that anyone is secretly, in their brain, born the opposite sex, let alone one person out of seventy in the general population. And recently, the number of transgenders has skyrocketed. But why? A 2020 report from The London Times on GIDS, the U.K.’s top gender clinic, hints at what is really going on:

35 [GIDS staffers] have resigned in the past three years, many alarmed by the rush to medicalisation and the way Mermaids, Instagram trans influencers and the CBBC programme I Am Leo present transition as uncomplicated. They say they are seeing girls with a panoply of other issues — anxiety, depression, self-harm, undiagnosed autism, victims of homophobic bullying and sexual abuse — for whom transition to a male body was presented online as the universal panacea. Often a normal, tom-boyish disgust at their new breasts, eliciting sudden and unwanted sexual attention from men, is interpreted as a certainty that they are in the “wrong body”. Yet instead of interrogating these underlying issues, clinicians are told to “affirm” a young person’s “trans identity” and prescribe the puberty blockers that trans campaigners fiercely insist are their right.

[The Times]

There is evidence of transgenderism-as-mental-health-cure-all everywhere, should one look for it. Transgender activists have a special slang term, “eggs,” to describe future trans people they desire to “hatch.” Just a few days ago one of these perverted groomers, comics author Magdalene Visaggio, posted a guide, “We Are Everywhere: A Field Guide to Clocking Terrified Transfem Eggs.” Along with things like “liking Sailor Moon a lot” and “playing video games with an opposite-sex avatar,” Visaggio’s list of transgender tells includes things like:

  • “Dead, dead eye[s]”
  • Not taking physical care of oneself
  • Feelings of despair, anger, numbness, and disconnection
  • Having no plans for five years in the future
  • Lacking agency over one’s life

In other words, it’s a long list of depression symptoms. Visaggio then describes how to “hatch” eggs by presenting transgenderism as a path out of depression and suicidal ideation.

The transgender fad in America is creating horrors beyond comprehension— horrors that are ignored by the press and denied by the medical establishment. According to pro-transgender activists, sexual “detransitions” are extremely rare, and usually only a result of a transsexual encountering “transphobia” in real life. But in reality, there are already many ex-trans people. Their harrowing accounts are becoming more and more frequent—and more dreadful. Here is one from just a few days ago. And beware: it’s not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach.

Last year, British citizen Keira Bell sued the National Health Service after she was “treated” with a progressive course of puberty blockers, then hormone replacement, and finally a double mastectomy.

We are told these days that when someone presents with gender dysphoria, this reflects a person’s “real” or “true” self, that the desire to change genders is set. But this was not the case for me. As I matured, I recognized that gender dysphoria was a symptom of my overall misery, not its cause.

The consequences of what happened to me have been profound: possible infertility, loss of my breasts and inability to breastfeed, atrophied genitals, a permanently changed voice, facial hair. When I was seen at the Tavistock clinic, I had so many issues that it was comforting to think I really had only one that needed solving: I was a male in a female body. But it was the job of the professionals to consider all my co-morbidities, not just to affirm my naïve hope that everything could be solved with hormones and surgery.


With the explosion of transgender treatments over the past few years, there will soon be hundreds or even thousands of people just like @TullipR or Keira Bell. Right now, they are already emerging in obscure corners of the Internet, like the web forum Kiwi Farms or the obscure /r/detrans subreddit. A survey on /r/detrans, which took pains to screen out inauthentic answers, found nearly a hundred cases of people detransitioning after receiving puberty blockers, hormone replacement, and even physical surgeries. Their personal accounts range from bland to absolutely dreadful:

Detransitioning personal stories from /r/detrans

Yet at the moment, harrowing tales of “detransition” like those abvoe hardly account for a blip on the radar of of American politics. The average American, even the average politically-engaged American, never looks at Twitter at all. Even Americans firmly against the modern transgender mania have little to no idea what the whole sordid transgender affair really entails, in technical terms.

This is a political failure. Stories like those of TullipR’s and Keira Bell’s should be highlighted prominently and ad nauseum. Detransitioners should be cultivated as public speakers, much like how the pro-life movement prominently features women who regret abortions and the doctors who regret performing them. TV personalities should finally shine a spotlight on the horrifying and true details of transgender surgeries—for instance, that they leave recipients with disease-ridden pus-filled gaping wounds routinely requiring multiple surgeries to “fix.”

And then, to quote Howard Beale, you’ve got to get mad.

It’s high time that the doctors who inflict these “treatments” on minors not be regarded as doctors at all. They should be instead be considered what they actually are: child mutilators.

The goal of every sane, concerned American should not be to merely save girls’ sports and stop taxpayer-funded drag queen story time. The goal should instead be to put a complete stop to this tragic moral abomination by putting perverts, predators, and child mutilators in prison.

Sidhbh Gallagher is a plastic surgeon who posts videos on TikTok under the handle @gendersurgeon. Gallagher disgustingly calls herself “Dr. Teetus Deletus” and jokes about it being her job to “yeet the teets.”

This vulgar, unprofessional freak is an appalling and horrifying figure poisoning the minds of the youth. Already, her former patients are coming forward to say that they regret the surgeries Gallagher rushed them into.

And if you’re wondering: yes, Gallagher does offer sex “transition” surgeries for minors. Sidhbh Gallagher by all rights should be a national pariah. She is also a ripe political target. Her practice is in Miami, a city in a red state with decades of consistent Republican control. Allowing Gallagher to practice day after day with no legal or political action taken against her practice is morally abhorrent and a political mistake.

What action could be even taken, you might ask? That’s the fun part: Concerned Florida Republicans and independents can get creative! First, fight tooth and nail against covering transgender care with Medicaid. Medical licensing is handled at the state level, so start going after their licensing of doctors who promote transitioning children. Second, create a registry for patients to lodge complaints against “transition” doctors, like we do for sex offenders or like New York City does for landlords. Or, make quack transition doctors into actual sex offenders, and create entirely new crimes like “child mutilation” to describe their actions.

Next, sharply increase a doctor’s liability exposure for any patient who later regrets the procedure they received. If post-transition regret and detransitioning is so rare, there should be no problem with putting doctors on the hook for six or seven-figure payments if their patients decide what happened to them as children was a mistake.

Then, go after their malpractice insurance. Already, many states ban insurance coverage for certain kinds of conduct, like fraud. Malpractice insurers should be allowed to protect good faith providers of mainstream medical care — but there should be no coverage for pediatric trans “therapies.” Or, go the other way: require the doctors to carry huge amounts of malpractice insurance, to shave away at their profit margins.

A few states have already made a few limited moves. In 2021, Arkansas directly banned doctors from providing gender transition treatments to minors, though it only left them vulnerable to lawsuits. Alabama’s law, passed earlier this year, was much better, providing for a prison sentence of up to ten years. Every Republican-controlled state should be racing to follow their lead. Inexcusably, similar proposed bills have faltered in many other states. This is not the path of “moderation,” it is the path of cowardice and eventual defeat.

Will courts step in the way of any efforts to quash the deranged transgender mania? Indubitably. Liberal activists have already challenged laws in both Arkansas and Alabama and had them paused. But that doesn’t matter. Passing laws in dozens of states, and getting creative with how they work, raises the odds that at least a few will survive.

Defenders of the sex binary should draw inspiration from another political cause: the anti-abortion movement. Pro-life campaigners have a single-minded focus on making abortion clinics less plentiful and abortions more difficult to get. Every year, dozens of new anti-abortion restrictions are enacted around the country. Many of them are struck down, but for clever activists, that just means developing new strategies, reshaping the courts, and trying again. The objective is always to seize as much territory as courts will allow. If Roe v. Wade could not be toppled in a single pass, then it could instead die a death of a million cuts.

Source: Guttmacher Institute

This is a battle that can be won, and should be won. But it cannot be won with cowardice, by submitting to the left’s moral imperialism and begging for the right to maybe, please, just slow things down a little. It can only be won by proudly rejecting the entirety of gender ideology, and identifying it for exactly what it is: a warped effort to get more and more people to mutilate their bodies to affirm the decisions of sick people who have already done so.

Find ex-trans voices and give them a platform. Put the mutilators in jail. Ban drag queen story hour. And never, ever, concede an inch. In the long run, the truth will out.

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