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Guest Post by Tommy Benghazi

On May 3, 2022, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced an alarming new rule that has probably escaped most Americans’ attention, and won’t be covered much in the mainstream media—but it should be. It extends the period of time that our government subsidizes woke corporations to hire hundreds of thousands of foreign workers instead of American workers for white collar jobs. This new rule is the latest iteration of the Global American Empire’s efforts to perpetuate visa extensions until they amount to open borders and permanent amnesty. It is a brass-knuckled punch to the gut of the American workforce and it enables the CCP to continue to embed themselves in some of our most influential corporations.

Optional Practical Training

Among the programs that fall under this callously anti-American worker rule is the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which was weaponized by Microsoft and the Bush 43 Administration, and is now the largest guest worker program in our entire immigration system. The rapidly inflating program takes between 400,000 and 500,000 American jobs a year—and these aren’t jobs picking strawberries.

OPT is a 12-month, temporary employment program that foreign college students can participate in either pre- or post-graduation. There is a 24-month extension for foreign students who completed a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) degree that brings the visa duration to 3 years. Additionally, if an OPT participant is waiting on a decision to be made on an H-1B visa, they can stay for another 6 months. This brings the total OPT work period to a maximum of 42 months before the new Biden rule is implemented. When that comes into effect, the maximum extension will be 54 months.

The top companies who hire OPT students are tech and consulting companies. However, these jobs are not measly internships. Most are highly sought after jobs that Americans want. How many foreign STEM graduates do you think take jobs that American college graduates won’t do? The answer is zero, and if you think that the vast majority of these workers will leave the country after their OPT has expired, you are mistaken. Biden’s rule gives them another year, and many will just overstay their visas anyways. In fact, there are nearly as many visa overstays in the US as there are illegal border crossings.

Biden’s new Ministry of Truth would assure you that OPT is a compassionate way to attract the best and the brightest students from foreign countries as a temporary way of culturally enriching our workforce and investing sorely needed human capital into our STEM jobs. This narrative is the dismissive equivalent of the old, “they are taking jobs that no Americans will do! Shut up and like it!” The reality is that companies employ OPT workers over similarly qualified American workers because they are subsidized to do so by our government and no labor standards exist for OPT.

Why would our leaders continue a policy that is so detrimental to working Americans? Who benefits? Well, Microsoft for one—that is why Bill Gates created OPT STEM in the first place. The ruling regime seeks open borders and permanent amnesty to undermine the middle class and create a subservient population to lord over. The OPT STEM extension is one of their tools.

The Insidious Microsoft Plot

Up until 2008, OPT was a comparatively innocuous program that functioned like an internship for foreign students in the American workforce. It became a monster when Bill Gates and Microsoft lobbied Neocon Icon George W. Bush’s DHS Secretary, Michael Chertoff, to extend OPT from 12 months to a maximum of 36 months, effectively creating a new guest worker program that was not subject to Congressional approval.

Previously, Congress had caved in to efforts by Gates’ lobbyists and increased the number of H-1B Visas granted 3 times from 1998 to 2004, but Gates needed more foreign labor to build his globalist regime. Shocking by today’s standards, but Congress actually would not agree to satiate Gates’ lust for foreign labor with more H-1B visas. So, naturally, Gates did what any rising globalist hegemon would do: he colluded with the Administrative state to go around Congress and subvert the law. Microsoft lobbyists schmoozed the DHS Secretary at the home of the owner of the Washington Nationals, and the STEM OPT extension was born. Since then, OPT has ballooned from 83,000 foreign workers a year to around 450,000. The program now surpasses H-1B visas as the largest guest worker program, and there is no limit on the number of participants.

Gates’ success in securing the new OPT regulations marked a milestone in a long and fruitful relationship that has proven to be one of the main sources of life for the parasitic Globalist American Regime. Together, Gates and the Administrative state have sucked the soul out of middle America, largely in favor of the Chinese. The elites have succeeded in outsourcing our manufacturing base to China at the same time that they have empowered the Chinese — through programs like OPT — to displace American workers on our own soil.

Chinese Infiltration

Even if you don’t find OPT amnesty alarming, you might be slightly concerned to learn that over 30% of OPT workers are Chinese nationals. The Communist Chinese Party (CCP), which is the biggest threat to our republic outside of our own ruling class, sends potential operatives to the United States for up to 54 months to work under this program. To make matters more interesting, the Chinese can qualify for the STEM OPT extension after they study in fields like Nuclear Engineering, Cyber Warfare, Combat Systems Engineering, Military Systems Information Technology, and other military related fields. Do you think that they are coming to culturally enrich our labor force and help us make STEM advancements, or is there room for some more nefarious purpose? The ruling class wants us to believe the former.

Where exactly are the Chinese working? A lot of the time we have no idea because the system is notoriously fraudulent. Moreover, the Biden Administration has decided to hide data on specific employers, creating a smokescreen for woke corporations to plunge the knife deeper into the back of the American workforce. From what data is released to the public, we know that the list of top OPT employers includes some of the most infamous globalist corporations: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and even land-grabbing Blackrock. Gates paved the way for all of them to get in on the action. These mega corporations get the double benefit of being subsidized by American taxpayers to hire foreign nationals over Americans at the same time that they’re undoubtedly gaining favor from their business interests in China and elsewhere.

Xi Jingping himself probably couldn’t have come up with a better scheme to undermine American interests. Given the high likelihood that our foreign adversaries use OPT to embed themselves in some of America’s most influential corporations, every elected representative, including both Democrats and Republicans, should prioritize ending OPT. Is there anything being done?

Complicit Leadership

We already know what the Biden Administration is doing – the rule announced last week creates more confusion, allows the ruling class to further enrich themselves, and lets China gather more intelligence. Americans will find no quarter there, but surely Republicans must be trying to end OPT. They are supposedly the party of the working class. Anyone who cares about American workers would put forth legislation ending OPT and making visa overstays a felony, but the sad truth is that overwhelming bipartisan support exists for this kind of immigration.

At least Democrats are forthright about their intentions to create open borders and permanent amnesty. The majority of Republicans support it with Ministry of Truth approved platitudes that mask their true intentions. They are either servants of the ruling elite or they are not intelligent enough to realize that supporting OPT is eroding American citizenship through open borders and permanent amnesty. In either case, these globalist pawns need to be driven out of office. A good place to start would be with the 21 Republicans who signed a letter written in response to signals from the Trump administration that OPT was on the chopping block in 2020. The RINOs’ focus on the well-being of colleges and universities, the wellspring of leftism, demonstrates how completely out of touch they are with middle class America.

If Donald Trump had a second term, it is unclear whether he would have completely ended OPT, but chances are he would have done something. The most feasible way to end OPT would be by regulatory authority, since it is a regulation. However, members of Congress should at least bring attention to the problem by introducing legislation, even if it would not become law anytime soon. Congress has made some limited efforts to at least scale back OPT, but the program should really be terminated.


If the American working class is going to survive, our leaders must prioritize Americans and jobs for Americans, not foreigners and jobs for foreign peoples. The longer it takes to strike down programs like OPT, the stronger Bill Gates and his ilk become. To save America, we must elect politicians who confront the ruling elite and fight for pro-American policies. The next Republican administration must also be stocked with patriotic, nationalist Americans, not globalist corporatists.

Republican appointees who undermine the American people must be rebuffed, and mechanisms must be implemented to erode the bureaucratic state. If we can get the right people into the right places, a good start for the New Right would be ending OPT and harshly criminalizing visa overstays. In doing so, we will take a necessary step toward renewing America.

Tommy Benghazi is the pseudonym of a former employee of the federal government.

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