Guest Post by Concerned Citizen

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just struck a heroic blow against Disney with the recent passage of a bill that would dissolve Disney’s de facto private government and threaten the numerous tax perks that go along with it:

The Florida House of Representatives on Thursday gave final passage to a bill that would dissolve Walt Disney World’s private government, handing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis a victory in his feud with the entertainment giant over its opposition to a measure that critics have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

For DeSantis, the attack on Disney is his latest salvo in a culture war waged over policies such as race, gender and the coronavirus, battles that have turned him into one of the most popular GOP politicians in the country and a likely 2024 presidential candidate. [AP]

Many Americans might be surprised to learn that Disney’s war against DeSantis’ anti-groomer law exists within a context of a long history of questionable conduct on the part of the company. Few these days remember that “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer wrote a bombshell investigative exposé in 1999 on Walt Disney World called “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed.”

The explosive book caught the eye of Brian Ross, ABC’s top investigative reporter. He landed an exclusive contract with the publisher of the book and quickly began working with Schweizer on a piece for the news show 20/20.

Schweizer’s book alleged very serious safety and hiring problems at Florida’s Walt Disney World, and also centered on mass corruption, greed, and children at risk.

The 20/20 piece focused on the book’s claim that Walt Disney World neglected to perform proper security checks that would have prevented the hiring of sex offenders, as well as allegations that the park had a serious “peeping Tom” problem.

And as you’d expect from Schweizer’s work, the book included copies of police reports from alleged pedophiles who were working at the park.

David Westin was the president of ABC News and when he got wind of the Disney exposé, he quickly killed the project.

Many speculated he axed the piece because Walt Disney Co. owned ABC. However, ABC spokeswoman Eileen Murphy denied those claims, and said the story just “didn’t work,” and it had nothing to do with Disney.

Nobody believed that excuse.

Network staffers claim when Westin read the bombshell script for the 20/20 segment he blew up and asked everyone involved with the project if they were “crazy.” He couldn’t believe they’d think of airing a hit piece like that about their parent company, Disney.

Author Peter Schweizer, desperate to save the story, went back and watered down the script and resubmitted it, but Westin still refused to air the segment.

In its place, 20/20 ran a story about dogs on Prozac.

The interesting thing is that ABC hadn’t shied away from running pieces on Disney in the past. Back in March 1998, they ran a so-called “hit piece” on Disney (among other US companies) who were hiring workers from a Pacific island and paying them very low wages.

So, low wages for Pacific islanders were okay to talk about, just don’t mention alleged pedophiles and peeping Toms who were potentially endangering American children.

Got it…

Later, Schweizer tried shopping the script to “60 Minutes” but they passed on it as well.

That’s not surprising, since Disney has a reputation for closely guarding its dark side. It’s difficult to find gripping mainstream content exposing Disney’s alleged child predator problem or abuse allegations from former child actors.

I stumbled upon a 2014 piece from CNN that was actually quite good. They embarked on a 6-month undercover operation exposing child sex predators working at theme parks like Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World, in Florida.

CNN’s report found that from 2006 to 2014, at least 35 Disney workers were arrested for sex crimes against children, or for possession of child pornography. There were three or four from Universal and Sea World arrested as well — 32 men were convicted.

Here’s the CNN piece if you want to watch it.

Sadly, stories like this are nothing new.

Sixteen years earlier Peter Schweizer and Brian Ross tried telling that same story on 20/20, by calling out Disney’s unsafe hiring practices that allowed child predators to get their foot in the park door, but they got steamrolled.

And here we are in 2022 and it appears that Disney is still hiring child predators.

Year after year, Disney employees are arrested in sex sting operations set up by local authorities and for possessing child pornography. And it’s not just random maintenance workers with no interaction with kids who are being arrested. Many of these alleged child predators are security guards, hotel staff, performers, and other workers who come in close contact with children every day.

In September 2021 a family sued Disney Cruise Line because they say their 3-year-old was groped and sexually molested during her stay at the Oceaneer Club Daycare.

In August 2021 they arrested several Disney employees in a “child sex sting” operated by the Polk County Sheriff. One man arrested was a lifeguard at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge.

And just days after the Disney Regime came out against Florida’s anti-grooming law, police arrested four of their employees in a child trafficking sting.

But it’s not just the parks.

In June 2021, police charged former Disney Star Kyle Massey with sending pornography to a 13-year-old.

And just look at the laundry list of former Disney stars who’ve become dregs of humanity at worst and disheveled disasters at best — Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Demi Lovato, just to name a few.

So, what’s going on here? There is every appearance of a pattern of documented abuse and predatory behavior that has gone on for decades at Disney’s theme parks, cruise ships, and within their entertainment empire as well.

If this was happening at Walmart, people would be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches demanding justice. But because it’s “beloved” Disney, many are hesitant to shatter the “magical” illusion. It’s like finding out Santa Claus is a serial killer.

Sure, it sucks, but we can’t keep burying our heads in the sand.

Let’s be real, this isn’t Walt’s “Disney” anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long time. Walt was a patriot and a family man who fought tooth and nail against communism. I imagine him spinning in his grave over this “progressive” abomination his company has morphed into.

And the reason the alleged abuse has gone on for decades is that Disney’s secrets are well kept. And whatever stories do leak out are piecemeal and scattered to the wind. A local news story here, a random blog post there, and so forth.

All we’ve got are whispers and grumblings when what we need are bullhorns and loudspeakers blasting the truth about what’s really happening inside the “happiest place on earth.”

And to be fair, maybe this is one of those rare cases where there is a ton of smoke and no fire. But why should we take anyone’s word for it?

The answer is simple — there needs to be a comprehensive investigation into all things “Disney.” And this is a perfect opportunity for GOP lawmakers to step up and fight on behalf of American families and wholesome traditional values by exposing the dark truth about the Disney Regime.

If Republicans take back the House and/or Senate, Governor DeSantis should call on lawmakers to hold public investigations into Disney’s hiring practices and find out why so many pedophiles, child predators, and peeping Toms have found their way inside Disney’s parks, hotels, and cruise ships for decades.

Former Disney child stars should testify before Congress about the dark underbelly culture of the Mickey Mouse Club and beyond, and how it negatively impacted their lives.

Governor DeSantis should also call on brave whistleblowers to step forward for the sake of the children and reveal what’s really going on behind the scenes inside Mickey’s palace.

It appears that Disney has swept too much dirt under the castle rugs for far too many years. It’s time for the GOP to make sense of it all and put all the scattered pieces together in one place for everyone to see.

It’s time to investigate Disney.