Guest Post by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

The left is trying to block Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot in 2024. And their path to victory begins or ends with me.

The governing class is running in sheer panic; the Biden regime is crashing down. The numbers are in. The establishment is in shock at how disastrous twelve months in office have been for their geriatric savior. The ground is ripe for a Donald Trump reemergence in 2024.

But if you thought the 2020 election was hijacked (and it was), you’re going to hate the sequel. To preserve their unearned dominance and keep the plebeians from toppling their regime, the left has pivoted to lawfare in an unprecedented attempt to subvert democracy.

The left knows that, if the upcoming 2022 midterms are fair, it will be a cataclysmic indictment of the Washington swamp and our governing elites. If the 2024 presidential election is aboveboard, it will end in the complete toppling of the ruling class. Their utopian dream of open borders, riots, inflation, masks, and CRT is about to be upended by Walmart shoppers clinging to their guns and religion, the men and women whom Washington elites forgot but Donald Trump remembered.

But that will only happen if the next two elections are fair. And the left has a plan to prevent that, more sinister than any of the ballot harvesting and midnight vote dumps from 2020. This time, their plan is to simply ban the political opposition entirely, like a sham election in Stalin’s Russia.

Eleven voters in North Carolina, propped up by leftist donors, have filed a challenge to my 2022 House candidacy alleging that an obscure section of the 14th Amendment bars me from holding public office because I engaged in an “insurrection.” My “insurrection” was speaking at a rally, in front of the White House, questioning the results of the 2020 election.  If these activists succeed in disqualifying me, the precedent is set. The autocratic left will topple MAGA supporters one by one, with our own free speech the only justification needed to label us “insurrectionists.” Supporters of President Trump, and eventually President Trump himself, will be barred from office. The bar will be lowered until the only “Republicans” eligible to hold office under this perversion of democracy have last names like “Cheney” or “Kinzinger.” The ruling class will have succeeded; the worst form of oligarchy will be achieved.

This is the real attempt to subvert democracy. There is no subversion greater than stripping the public of the right to even cast a vote for their preferred candidate. But when the Left’s media acolytes bother reporting on this effort at all, it’s to support it. You will not hear any accusations about “subverting democracy” pointed at anyone complicit in this twisted legal putsch. To them, the only “democracy subversion” is by those of us who honored our oaths to defend the Constitution by objecting to the 2020 election.

The left and its corrupt ruling class allies (from both parties) claim to have won the political debate, when in reality they prevent the debate from being held at all. There was no debate about the political priorities of Donald Trump. There were only the relentless battle cries of obstruct, object, and impeach. They couldn’t debate, so they sought to depose. Now, even with a Democrat in the White House again, the game has not changed. Democrats will keep their hold on power, not by winning over the public, but by barring any real alternative from appearing on the ballot in the first place. The attack on my candidacy is the canary in the coal mine, the first blow in an all-out offensive against two and a half centuries of American democracy. But stunningly, most Republicans are not paying attention. Their ignorance is no defense, though. They will be next.

The right loses when it tries to sit at the table and play by the same rules that governed Washington politics decades ago. While we’ve been shuffling cards, the other side has flipped over the table and rewritten the rulebook. Even that metaphor falls short, though. For the left, politics is no game at all. It is a species of warfare, and the left believes in total war.

The left justifies their conduct by regarding themselves as the sole guardians of democracy. But for the left, “democracy” doesn’t mean free speech, political pluralism, or fair elections. “Democracy” is just a rubber stamp placed upon their elitist vision of an America where they are permanently in power. To know their vision is to know their plan. To them, the battle is no longer Republican versus Democrat, it’s anointed elites versus, in their eyes, “insurrectionists.”

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the FBI and the Justice Department targeted both him and his supporters elected to public office. When Peter Strzok texted his illicit lover “we’ll stop him,” he was simply speaking the hidden ideology of the entire senior bureaucracy. In 2016, they used the phony Steele Dossier to spy on the Trump campaign. Today, they use January 6 to justify the same tactics, aimed at every vocal Trump supporter nationwide.

The Deep State feels the birth pangs of another MAGA wave. They know it’s coming, and as it grows closer, their work to shut down Trump and his supporters will grow even more frenzied. The January 6th prisoners, still held in the D.C. gulags with their basic rights stripped away, will become a nationwide template. A permanent war on nationwide “seditionists” will justify more and more violations of due process, and ever more outlandish charges against designated foes.

No patriot is safe. MAGA fighters in Congress are in the way and we’re loud, so they’ve come for us first.

But you’re next. Pay attention.

Madison Cawthorn is a Congressman representing North Carolina’s 11th district.

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