The victory of Kyle Rittenhouse shows that, even in blue-leaning cities in blue-leaning states, there are still enough heroic ordinary Americans whose minds are not corrupted by left-wing poison, capable of delivering a just verdict in an unjust case.

But the Rittenhouse trial also shows the importance of something else.

While power in America is more federally concentrated than ever, local politics remains crucial for preserving the dwindling rights and freedoms of ordinary Americans.

For decades, power in America has concentrated at higher and higher levels. Cities have lost power to states, the states have lost power to Washington, and Congress has lost power to the executive branch. Participation in local politics has crashed; in many cities fewer than one-in-five voters turn out to vote in local elections that aren’t lined up with national ones.

As local political power has declined, so has local news coverage. Local newspapers have vanished across America. Even the New York Times, with its vast staff and massive budget, pays less and less attention to local news in America’s largest city.

But however much Americans’ attention has shifted to the national level, local politics is still crucially importantand the Rittenhouse case proves it.

Consider the central players in the Kenosha legal drama. First, there’s Judge Bruce Schroeder. Schroeder played a key role in bringing this abominable affair to a happy ending. He shut down the prosecution’s efforts to call Kyle’s attackers “victims”, introduce banned evidence, smear Kyle as a racist, and use his Fifth Amendment rights against him.

Why was Judge Schroeder there to prevent a miscarriage of justice? Because, over and over, local voters put him there. Although he was initially appointed to his post nearly forty years ago, Judge Schroeder is an elected official, currently serving his seventh six-year term. Had voters chosen a different judge, with a different, more racially-inflected view of what “justice” is, the trial may have ended very differently.

Judges like Schroeder used to be the norm in America; in fact, Schroeder himself was appointed by a Democrat. But Schroeder is 75. Most of the millennial lawyers now approaching middle age have very different beliefs about what constitutes “justice.” Making sure that judges like Schroeder are appointed and kept in office will require active effort, not passive indifference.

Why was this unjust, disbarment-worthy prosecution brought in the first place? Because an elected DA, Michael Graveley, chose to bring charges, seeing political merit in doing so. Yet here is something utterly damning: Michael Graveley is a Democrat, and ran unopposed in both the 2020 and 2016 elections. That might be understandable, if Kenosha County were a monolithically Democratic area like San Francisco, Cleveland, or Baltimore. But it’s not. In both 2016 and 2020, Kenosha County voted for Donald TrumpYet in both elections, there wasn’t even a candidate on the ballot to represent policies that would put law-abiding citizens and local small businesses ahead of antifa, looters, and violent criminals.

If there had been, then Kyle Rittenhouse might have been spared a year of terror and uncertainty. Kenosha itself might have avoided a 300 percent increase in the murder rate.

Across America, more prosecutors like Graveley are getting elected every election cycle. That’s not a quirk, or a natural byproduct of America drifting left. It’s the outcome of a deliberate strategy, pushed by the constellation of organizations backed by billionaire George Soros.

Years ago, Soros realized that district attorneys were low-hanging fruit for the evil progressive ideology. After all, using the traditional democratic route of changing laws to be more pro-criminal through the state legislature is deeply unpopular. In many red states, it’s nearly impossible.

So devious billionaires like George Soros found a way to make an end-run around the vox populi. It turns out that, in many far-left urban jurisdictions, getting a radically left-wing prosecutor is simply a matter of winning the Democratic primary. And if a prosecutor won’t even bother to prosecute crimes, a state’s criminal code becomes a dead letter—mere words on a piece of paper.

Mike Graveley

So in Missouri, in a state that backed Donald Trump by 15 points, it was St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner who brought felony charges against the McCloskeys for defending their home, while simultaneously dropping multiple murder cases due to sheer incompetence. A Soros-funded PAC backed Gardner’s initial political campaign.

Kim Gardner

In Chicago, Cook County DA Kim Foxx, who cut a corrupt deal to drop charges against Jussie Smollett, is a Soros prosecutor.

Kim Foxx and Jussie Smollett

In Philadelphia, Soros DA Larry Krasner fired 31 prosecutors after taking power. The results have been a clear success for the progressive agenda: Philadelphia is on track to break its all-time homicide record of 500 before the end of November.

Just recently, a Marxist Bernie Bro who advocated “criminal justice reform” was murdered in a carjacking by a 17-year-old hoodlum out on bail after a previous armed carjacking. That hoodlum was facing charges including aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and possession of an unlicensed gun.

Larry Krasner

In Los Angeles, new DA George Gascon moved down from San Francisco and used a $2 million donation from Soros to unseat incumbent Jackie Lacey. He has since abolished cash bail, stopped prosecuting “minor” crimes, and increased the murder rate 17 percent compared to last year (which was already LA’s bloodiest in decades).

These far-left prosecutors are getting elected for a reason. Progressive realized that in very liberal jurisdictions with low voter turnout, they can get maximally left-wing candidates elected to office. Americans can fight this. In major cities, this may simply mean turning out to support more moderate liberals unwilling to entirely capitulate to criminals. But in swing counties like Kenosha, the bare minimum is to actually show up.

The battle for local elections matters in other ways. After a jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, liberals (incorrectly) blamed “stand your ground laws” for the verdict, and immediately began agitating for their repeal. So far, stand your ground has resisted these efforts, but even eight years later, liberals are still trying. After Rittenhouse’s vindication, the left’s determined fury to destroy the right of self-defense will only grow. Even before the verdict, prominent progressive David French was already calling to abolish the right to open carry of firearms.

And make no mistake. Destroying the right of self-defense for law-abiding, middle-class kulaks has always been an ideological goal of Bolsheviks.

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Only constant vigilance at the state and local level will preserve these important rights going forward. The left will never stop attacking, so Americans in turn must never let down our guard.

Local elections aren’t just about playing defense. They matter for going on offense too. As Revolver wrote shortly before the verdict, the conduct of DA Graveley’s office is so egregious that it merits investigation. The paths to do that run through Wisconsin’s state government, including the Republican-held legislature.

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On his War Room podcast, Steve Bannon has urged America-first patriots to take over low-level precinct officer positions within their communities and within the Republican Party, in order to combat election fraud. Patriots have responded with vigor, and as of September more than 8,500 new Republicans had signed up as precinct officers, election inspectors, or similar low-level political posts. The Regime media meltdown over Bannon’s localist “precinct strategy” is as good a testament as any to its potential effectiveness.

Similarly, Christopher Rufo’s campaign against critical race theory has highlighted the powerful role of local school boards in determining public school curricula and policies. Conservatives have responded by electing anti-CRT candidates across the country.

This is a positive trend. Now, patriotic Americans must translate this selective interest in local politics into a more broad-based movement to take control on the local level across the country. Constant engagement with the national news media cycle should no longer distract us from competing in this neglected local arena which is not only more easily winnable, but in many respects is actually far more consequential to our daily lives.

The corrupt globalist ruling class has taken control of day-to-day life by being attentive to such opportunities as the only ones seemingly interested in getting and using power. If they can be fanatically committed to what is evil, then we can be at least as passionate about what is good. We must take our country back—one precinct at a time.