The entire political show trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has been a disgrace and a sham. The Rittenhouse self-defense case never should have been brought to trial in the first place. It was a travesty of justice that charges were even filed. Many have forgotten that the crazed, partisan Democrat Kenosha District Attorneys office rushed to file charges just two days after the shooting, before any sort of detailed investigation could be completed. The prosecution shamefully lied and slandered Kyle Rittenhouse before the trial even started. They then did so again, endlessly, at trial.

It goes without saying that there is a mile-long list of elected officials, attorneys, and other assorted public figures who must pay a price for the tawdry and disgusting railroading of the heroic 17-year-old “Kenosha kid” who singlehandedly stopped devastating looting and riots in their track with a few shots from his trusty AR-15. And the first shameful partisan political liar on that list goes by the name of Thomas Binger.

Thomas Binger, the floopty-haircut-sporting, goateed, Star-Wars-pin-wearing bespectacled dork draped in candy-cane ties and technicolor shirts, must pay the ultimate career price and be immediately disbarred by the Wisconsin State Bar.

The precedent here is Mike Nifong, the shameful and disgraced North Carolina prosecutor who broke every principle of fairness and justice in putting on a sham trial in the case of the Duke LaCrosse players from 2006.

For those who do not recall, three Duke LaCrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper. DNA evidence did not match any of the three players, and the corrupt, venal, and politically ambitious prosecutor Nifong brought the case anyway.

Nifong’s sole motive for bringing the case was to raise his political profile and win re-election. He bragged that the case would bring him “millions of dollars’ in free advertising.”

Nifong was disbarred and even jailed for his perfidious conduct. He cried tears of shame as his sentence was read out, waived his right to appeal, and begged for forgiveness. By the end of it, Nifong was sued into bankruptcy, and the state refused to defend his actions on the grounds that they involved “fraud, corruption or malice.”

With any luck, Thomas Binger will soon share the same fate.

The persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse was an ideological act from the very beginning. It was a political assault meant to intimidate anybody brave or naive enough to use deadly force to protect the innocent and law-abiding from the rioting foot soldiers of America’s regime.

From the moment the Rittenhouse shooting happened, it was an obvious open-and-shut case of self-defense. The shooting took place in the final minutes of August 25, 2020. By the end of August 27, even The New York Times had reconstructed the entire event from beginning to end, with video footage of all relevant moments. The reconstruction showed that Rittenhouse was what he claimed: A good citizen, trying to protect businesses, provide medical assistance, and prevent mayhem. It showed that in all three shootings, Rittenhouse clearly defended himself himself from an ongoing attack.

That’s what the evidence showed. But egged on by a frenzied national media, the same media that called the Kenosha riots “fiery but mostly peaceful,” Kenosha prosecutors charged Rittenhouse with two counts of first degree murder anyway.

The United States has an adversarial justice system, but it is not a symmetrical one. Defense lawyers are expected to be dogged advocates for their clients’ rights. They are allowed to make almost any argument, no matter how fringe, to introduce reasonable doubt about the defendants’ guilt, and there is no wrongdoing when a defense lawyer argues on behalf of a client he suspects or even knows to be guilty, so long as he does not lie or suborn false testimony.

Not so for prosecutors. A prosecutor is not supposed to be an attack dog for the state, pursuing every argument no matter how fringe. A prosecutor must be a neutral seeker of justice. It is a gross ethical violation for a prosecutor to pursue a defendant he suspects or knows to be innocent.

Yet in the case of State of Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse, prosecutor Thomas Binger and his sidekick James Kraus spent two weeks making desperate, Hail Mary-style plays to send an innocent teenager to prison for decades on end.

Throughout the trial, Binger was the chief villain, acting like a full-blown caricature of a Reddit addict handed too much power.

His soy-fandom pins and obnoxious tone, while not themselves evidence of misconduct, certainly set the stage for what was coming.

But first, let’s go back to before the trial even began. First, Binger and his sidekick tried to smear Rittenhouse by linking him with the Proud Boys, based on a photo of Rittenhouse from after the shooting. The Judge rightfully did not allow this ridiculously prejudicial evidence into the trial.

Before the trial, Binger and Kraus also pressured a key witness to change his story to Rittenhouse’s detriment.

During the trial, Binger outlandishly asserted that the mob that caused more than $50 million in damage to Kenosha over a few short days was “a crowd full of heroes” working to stop an “active shooter.”

That wasn’t just a bold claim. It was a slanderous and malicious lie. It is indisputable that Rittenhouse was fleeing toward police when Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz overtook him. It is indisputable that the only people Rittenhouse ever shot were the three convicted felons who were immediately attacking him.

Binger also lied to the jury when he declared that Rittenhouse lost his right to self-defense simply by possessing a gun in the first place. Binger actually argued that Rittenhouse had a legal duty to let the mob execute him if it saw fit.

While Binger told the most egregious lies and sported the most repulsive demeanor, his sidekick Kraus did his best to keep up. At one point, the obese ADA denounced Rittenhouse as “too cowardly to use his fists” to fend off a man on the brink of shooting him in the head with a handgun.


The state’s case was so flimsy that the prosecution’s own eyewitnesses clearly supported the self-defense narrative.

When the prosecutors weren’t making dishonest and absurd arguments, they were trying to make illegal ones. Binger’s cross-examination of Rittenhouse was so egregious that Judge Shroeder shouted at him twice, first for using Rittenhouse’s own right to silence against him, and then for trying to introduce excluded evidence.

After these two stunts, Judge Bruce Shroeder should have ended the fiasco by granting the defense motion asking for a mistrial with prejudice. The fact that he didn’t make the two villainous prosecutors pay the price is in itself an act of egregious stupidity and weakness. In any case, Judge Shroeder tabled the defense motion for a misconduct with prejudice, meaning he has yet to rule on it and could still declare a mistrial with prejudice at any time, which would bar the prosecution from trying Kyle Rittenhouse ever again.

Even after getting shredded by the judge, the shenanigans of Binger and his Humpty Dumpty sidekick weren’t over with. Two days into jury deliberations, it came out that prosecutors had deliberately withheld important video evidence from the defense throughout the trial. The Federalist explains:

On the fifth day of the trial, the defense alleges, prosecutors gave them video footage taken from a drone showing some of the events that transpired on Aug. 25, 2020. The prosecution, however, allegedly gave the defense a low-quality, compressed version of the video while keeping a clearer one for themselves. The defense’s copy was allegedly only 3.6 MB with a 480 x 212 resolution, while the state’s video was 11.2 MB and 1,920 x 844.

The defense alleges that although prosecutors possessed the video, they did not provide it to the defense until the trial was done on Nov. 13, two days before closing arguments and after evidence had already been closed. The state played its higher-quality video for the court to review during the jury instructions conference, indicating it was much clearer than the other videos.

This stunt also should have been grounds for a mistrial with prejudice. The defense moved for such a mistrial without prejudice, and Judge Shroeder also has yet to rule on that motion.

The Rittenhouse trial is only the latest attempt by radical liberal prosecutors to identify and crush dissent against the Globalist American Empire. The fix is to bring accountability to the GAE’s legal enforcers, by seeking to disbar Binger and the other lawyers who brought this travesty before the public. Unfortunately, recent history indicates that Binger and Humpty Dumpty may not get the Nifong treatment.

From 2003 to 2018, Aaron Persky served as a judge for Santa Clara County, California. But almost overnight,  Persky destroyed his life when he sentenced the white Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail plus three years probation for allegedly raping an unconscious woman of color. Persky was simply following the suggestion of the county parole board, which recommended a “moderate” sentence in the case.

Judge Aaron Persky

But thanks to the frenzied activism of Stanford professor Michele Dauber and others, Persky’s ruling became a national cause célèbre for the left. More than a million people signed an online petition denouncing him, while local activists collected enough signatures to hold a recall election. The Santa Clara Bar association, nearly two dozen Stanford Law professors, and even the prosecutor in the Turner case all opposed the recall, pointing out that Persky had served with distinction for 15 years and that the recall was an attack on judicial independence. It didn’t matter. The hyper-left voters of Santa Clara County recalled Persky.

Thus far, Persky’s fate might just be considered a messy result of grassroots democracy. But it did not end there. Instead, activists were committed to completely destroying Persky’s life. After being fired by the voters, Persky took a job as a JV tennis coach at a local high school. When activists found out, they circled another petition demanding he be fired from that job also. The school immediately caved, even though Persky had done nothing wrong.

The over-educated liberal mafia and their ill-bred Antifa goon squad put Persky’s head on a pike, and Judges everywhere have no doubt taken notice. Arguably, an intimidated Judge Shroeder has already failed to adequately punish Thomas Binger’s outrageous behavior by even allowing the trial to continue this far.

However, the good Judge could still declare a mistrial with prejudice and put Binger and his sidekick in their proper place.

There have been other politically-motivated criminal charges and trials in the past decade: George Zimmerman, Jonathan Pentland, Derek Chauvin, and so on. None of the prosecutors in those cases paid any sort of price, and sickeningly, the prosecution even unjustly won in the case of Derek Chauvin, which will soon be appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

But the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution was egregious even by the standards of the shameful past decade of Soviet-style show trials. The case against Rittenhouse was truly built on nothing: Not once was the slightest genuine evidence of a crime presented. The state’s case relied wholly on distortions, innuendo, lies about the nature of the law, and lies about what can be plainly seen on video. And based on that, Kyle Rittenhouse lost a whole year of his life and may still have to go to prison, at least until an appellate court can free him—another human sacrifice fed to the beast of American leftism.

The last human sacrifice fed to the Molochian false god of liberalism was Omaha bar owner Jacob Gardner, who stood guard outside his business with his father during riots in that city. When Gardner and his father tried to warn rioters away, the mob turned on them, and Gardner shot one of them dead in self-defense. Once again, it was a clear-cut case of justified self-defense, but activists and prosecutors worked together to destroy Gardner’s life.

Jake Gardner

His landlord evicted him, prosecutors charged him with murder (after arguing that, as a military veteran, he was prone to violence), and finally, on the day he was supposed to turn himself in, he shot himself. Afterward, Democratic state senator Megan Hunt celebrated his demise.

Prosecutors could casually destroy Jacob Gardner’s life because, for them, there was no skin in the game. In politics, the left understands the importance of making their enemies pay a political price. In the case of the Evil Left, they make regular Americans pay a price for standing for truth, justice, and law and order. That is why they succeed so often, in so many areas. They make homeowners and small businessmen afraid to defend their communities by prosecuting those who do. They make police afraid to enforce the law the same way. The mob even got some of those who donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund fired from their jobs.

Americans will not defeat this mob by making better arguments on Twitter, or complaining about the left, or pooh-poohing the left as triggered babies. This mob is far more dangerous and far more lethal than a bunch of diaper-wearing genderqueer college babies quivering in a safe space.


The Silent Majority will not defeat this crazed mob by being morally better, or by flaccidly citing polls that show they have the support of a majority of their fellow Americans on the issues. The only way to stop prosecutors from bringing unjust, politically-motivated charges is straightforward: Accountability.

The left and its state agents must pay a price for their iniquity, just as the liberal mob exacts a price on any conservative who stands for truth, justice, freedom, and the American way.

It seems like a daunting task, but a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Start small. Crooked Thomas Binger used lies and underhanded tactics to try and wrongfully convict an innocent man. He should be punished for this.

Investigations should be brought against every attorney involved in the case with the aim of having them disbarred. After Binger, comes Kraus. But the chief villain in this case may not even be Binger or Kraus. That title should arguably be reserved for Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley, who brought this sham of a case before the court for political reasons, while being too cowardly to even prosecute the case himself.

As such, the Kenosha County DA’s office should be investigated to find out how, exactly, charges were ever filed in the case. Would this be unprecedented? Maybe. So what? Justice demands it.

Right now, such an investigation may be difficult to launch. Both the Wisconsin and federal Departments of Justice are under Democratic control right now. But the Wisconsin legislature is Republican-controlled, and they could act right now to begin investigating how Rittenhouse came to be charged, and they could act right now to clarify the state’s professional rules for lawyers, to make it clear that misconduct of this sort is grounds for professional annihilation.

Conservative attorneys can begin filing petitions with the Wisconsin State Bar to disbar Binger now, rather than later.

And then, once the governor’s mansion or the White House change hands, a real investigation should come. The goal shouldn’t be to shame or embarrass Binger, Krause, and Graveley. The goal should be to bar them from ever working as attorneys again, and have them thrown in jail, as Mike Nifong was thrown in jail. At a bare minimum, conservatives have a duty to care as much about the rights of the innocent as liberals care about rewarding lifelong criminals and lynching the just, the righteous, and the true.