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The aggressive and seemingly universal push for vaccines from government, media and corporate sectors of the Globalist American Empire amounts to one of the largest PR campaigns in our nation’s history.

The particularly aggressive effort to evangelize the vaccine to our nation’s youth, who enjoy a virtually negligible death rate from Covid-19 itself, is as bizarre as it is undeniable. From straight-up cash bribes to free admission to amusement parks to travel perks to a seemingly endless array of celebrity endorsements, the regime pulled out just about all the stops to persuade the young to stick out their arms and take the jab.

The latest and possibly most invasive frontier in this nationwide effort to get our youth Vaxxed? You guessed it, dating apps:

The bizarre and at times farcical clip above is from a May 21, 2021 White House press conference in which White House Covid response adviser Andy Slavitt jointly announces, together with Fauci, Walensky, and Surgeon General Vivek Murphy, a grand partnership between the White House and every major U.S. dating app on the market.


Social distancing and dating were always a bit of a challenging combination. So today, dating sites like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Match, OKCupid, BLK, Chispa, Plenty of Fish, and Badu, are announcing a series of features to encourage vaccinations, and help people meet people who have that universal attractive quality: they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

These sites cater to over 50 million people in the U.S., and are some of the world’s biggest non-gaming apps.

Here’s one for you: according to one of the sites, OKCupid, people who display their vaccination status are 14% more likely to get a match.

We have finally found the one thing that makes us all more attractive: a vaccination!

These dating apps will now allow people to display badges which show their vaccine status, filter specifically to see only people who are vaccinated, and offer  premium content I cannot get into, but apparently they include things like boosts and superswipes. [YouTube]

Boosts! Superswipes on Tinder! Hell yeah, sign me up for… vaginal bleeding?

Evidently, Covid vaccines have caused more vaginal bleeding than every other vaccine combined in the entire 30-year history of the VAERS database, per former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

Yes, that sounds like a fine idea. After all, these experimental jabs still don’t have FDA approval outside “emergency use only,” but why not aggressively push them on America’s favorite “dating apps.” Oh yeah, and never mind the fact that even regime media now admits that adverse effects on female anatomy were completely “overlooked in vaccine clinical trials.”

Nothing says “Swipe right on me!” to Tinder prospects like experiencing the most painful periods of your life, extended for three straight weeks or more, with some flows so horrifying you may need to be hospitalized.

From the Daily Mail:

Several women say they have experienced heavier and more painful periods since getting the COVID-19 vaccine, with some also revealing that they have had breakthrough bleeding in the middle of a cycle after getting the shot.

The most common changes include heavier periods and those that start in the middle of a cycle.

‘I got J&J on March 15, then started my period about 2 days later — over a week early. It was heavier than normal,’ wrote one.

‘Two weeks exactly after shot number 2, my cycle started 12 days earlier and heavier than it’s been for the last three years,’ said another.

‘I am 3 weeks out from my first Moderna shot and started my period in the middle of a BC pack. That’s never happened to me in 12 years of taking the pill. I never even spot between periods,’ wrote one more.

‘My period following 1st Moderna dose came a week early and was the most painful I’ve ever had,’ tweeted yet another. ‘After second dose it came almost two weeks late and my cycle has been regular for years so I knew it was the vaccine but felt scared to say so.’

‘I thought I was going CRAZY,’ another answered. ‘I got the J&J shot three days before my period started and it’s now been…. 16 days of bleeding (normal period for 5 days then light but consistent bleeding for the rest).’

As for the vaccine, women are more likely to report worse side effects after receiving them then men are, CDC data reveals.

In February, officials looked at nearly 7,000 reactions reported to the agency’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

They found that nearly 80 percent of the reactions were reported by women, making them four times more likely to report a side effect than men. [Daily Mail]

Anyway, the above White House presser is an instant classic of a video gem that encapsulates everything wrong with our regime media.

It also explains why they need to fully censor the Internet: to stop authentic, funny, awesome content so you can be force-fed spook-made cattle-feed à la Clockwork Orange all day.

Despite being posted by Reuters, the clip in question of Fauci and Friends waxing poetic about getting your dating life VAXXED has just 1,380 views on YouTube after 10 days.

Reuters has 1.05 million YouTube subscribers. Reuters is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, claims to influence a billion people a day, and is thoroughly backed by the CIA.

And yet their propaganda gets just 1,380 views on YouTube after 10 whole days of rotting away like a dead carcass stuck in a Google server.

Those 1,380 views are also with Google giving them an artificial superboost for being so-called “authoritative news.”

YouTube Keeps Boosting ‘Authoritative’ Mainstream Media Outlets Although Viewers Don’t Want To Watch Them, Says Susan Wojcicki

YouTube and its executives have made it evident during the past few years that when it comes to news and ongoing events, YouTube’s suggestion tools will boost official mainstream media channels while suppressing independent YouTube creators covering that specific news.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO YouTube stated during an interview on the NY Times’ ‘Rabbit Hole’ Podcast, that most users of the platform don’t like to view these dependable news sources. Still, YouTube will continue to boost these sources anyhow.

She decided to start prioritizing authentic mainstream media outlets in the wake of an unfortunate event, which was executed in Nice, France, during 2016 on July 14 (Bastille Day). Wojcicki stated that she thought users need to know about the attack and decided that users in France would see content related to the attack on the homepage. YouTube started to prioritize content from authentic sources when French people searched about the attack.

The company’s engineers warned Wojcicki that content from mainstream media channels was not getting that much engagement, and told her that users don’t actually want to view those mainstream ‘authoritative’ channels. Yet, she decided that YouTube will keep displaying videos to users from authentic sources. Wojcicki replied to the engineers that it is their duty to keep the users informed about what is happening in the world.

According to Wojcicki, it was the first time YouTube started pushing ‘relevant’ information to its users even if they didn’t want to view it. Authentic sources are now ten times more likely to top search results regarding any news since Wojcicki made this decision. [Digital Information World]

Even after being hand-selected for compulsory viewing in mass newsfeeds, this Reuters “hot scoop” gets fewer views than baby photos posted on Facebook by your average MAGA mom.

Now, back to the video itself.

Let’s get a close-up of that epic translator as White House COVID-19 Response Adviser Andy Slavitt gets you Science’d on how that vaccine will help you slay in the dating market.

At 0:37. Oh yeah! You nasty!

Brian in Virginia, get that vax, then get that %&*#! You’re like a big bear, and she’s a little bunny.

Seriously, look at this freeze frame at 0:41 seconds, and remember this is The White House speaking, along with all three of America’s top so-called “public health experts.”

These special geniuses are supposed to have a monopolistic, super-secret pact with the Science God in which all Official Science must pass through them before it gets crapped out onto the masses.

Are we wrong, or does that look like the universal penis-in-vagina hand symbol, but with a smushed palm instead of a pointing finger, perhaps symbolizing some sort of genitally mutilated trans-friendly sign?

And come to think of it, it is pretty funny how they got “BLK“, evidently a blacks-only dating site, and “Chispa“, evidently a Latins-only dating site, to join the vaxx-to-get-laid propaganda putsche.  Way to stick it to the system, black and brown bodies.

Imagine being the craven Dr. Fauci as the White House is reading out how “BLK” and “Chispa” will give you a “boost” and a “superswipe” if you just let Fauci’s minions find a fresh vein to jab, jab, jab with an experimental gene therapy. You couldn’t script this.

Well, actually, you probably could:

Why does everything these people touch go sideways? Do they enjoy the humiliation? Is it a sado-masochistic love of the pain? These troglodytes are worse at playing doctor than they are at playing baseball.

Normal, healthy, attractive people are better at dating. They’re better at baseball. Is it such a stretch to think they’d make better public health experts, too?

Honestly, at the beginning of this Covid scam, it made the most sense to focus on the evil of lockdowns. Now, one has to wonder: with Covid survival rates consistently north of 99.9%, what the hell is in these these vaccines that they you want us jabbed, jabbed, jabbed so bad?

And how do we still not even know what’s in them?


Interviewer: And in terms of that, there’s been some speculation that the changing intellectual property rules, and allowing the recipes for these vaccines to be shared, would be helpful. Do you think that would be helpful?

Bill Gates: No.

Interviewer: Why not?

Bill Gates: [Three minutes of sweating, mush-mouthed, shady deflections to justify not allowing people to see what’s in the damn vaccines.]

Colorado just opened a $5 million vaccine sweepstakes fund. Any fresh young body who opens up their veins is automatically entered into the raffle.

So did New Mexico. West Virginia is giving away free shotguns and hunting rifles to vaccinated people, while the state’s mewling Governor pleads: “Do it for my dog!”


Since we’re on the topic of dating, think of the vaccine situation like it was an ancient wedding dowry. That was the old custom of the father paying a prospective son-in-law a couple cows or trinkets for taking the daughter’s hand in marriage.

When the dowry gets so high that the father (here, Daddy State) is giving away millions and millions of dollars just to offload his daughter, one has to wonder: what the hell is wrong the daughter?

Take my wife, please!

But there’s one final lesson in all of this:

The White House is now co-opting “dating” apps to push its unwanted, un-American, and quite possibly unforgivable vaxx experiment.

Let this be the final epitaph of a conservative meme that needs to die: this crap about “private companies” and “the free market.” The GOP built those totems of its ideological superstructure long before the Trump era, when the terms of engagement changed forever. It has since become blindingly clear that every private enterprise can and will be fully folded into the broader political juggernaut of the national security state at a moment’s notice, including the medical martial law powers we see under Covid.

If you’re doing joint press conferences with the White House, you’re a state-backed enterprise, not a private company.

If you’re backed by the State Department, you’re a state-backed enterprise, not a private company.


The sooner we reframe the hellscape of “private companies” deplatforming, disenfranchising, and propagandizing us as pawns of state power, the sooner a new generation of political legends can confidently assert that state power themselves, and put the perverse Chuckie toys of so-called “private enterprise” back in the box , where they always belonged.

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