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Over the past week, the right has given enormous attention to two pieces of exceptionally violent and demented anti-white rhetoric vomited out from America’s rotten academic establishment. For American patriots who have endured a barrage of racialized hatred against them for years on end, these latest incidents may not be worth dwelling on too long.

For years, the right has shied away from admitting exactly what the left has been pushing. Demands for reparations, celebrations of rioting, and hyperbolic screeds from university campuses have been ridiculed, dismissed, or denounced as socialism, Marxism, or neutral concepts like “critical race theory.”

These labels aren’t enough. The nature of America’s new extremism wave requires the right to be honest and frank about what it is. It’s not “socialism,” or “Marxism,” or “liberal fascism.” In 2021, America is facing a steadily-growing amount of anti-white racism. And the surest sign of this ideology’s success is that its chief opponents are terrified to even say what it is. Left unchecked, the rhetoric of anti-white racism is growing from casual abuse to quasi-genocidal.

At Yale University, psychoanalyst Aruna Khilanani delivered a lecture on “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” The lecture, delivered in early April, was apparently so unremarkable to those watching it that it didn’t attract any notice for two months. The lecture only became known to the wider public when Bari Weiss published a transcript on her Substack. Some of the quotes Weiss highlighted were:

-This is the cost of talking to white people at all. The cost of your own life, as they suck you dry. There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil.

-I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor.

-We keep forgetting that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath. We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero, to accept responsibility. It ain’t gonna happen. They have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just like sort of not a good idea.

-We need to remember that directly talking about race to white people is useless, because they are at the wrong level of conversation. Addressing racism assumes that white people can see and process what we are talking about. They can’t. That’s why they sound demented. They don’t even know they have a mask on. White people think it’s their actual face. [Bari Weiss]

Meanwhile, in one of the countless execrable journals funded by America’s higher education racket, Donald Moss of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute published a paper, “On Having Whiteness,” that characterizes white people as susceptible to a malignant, incurable brain condition that turns them into psychopathic monsters.

Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (“never again”) or as temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure. [Sage]

There is no charitable way to spin what Khilanani  said or what Moss wrote, though many of course are already trying. This is race hatred. The very fact of being white is equated with parasitism, turning one into a hideous, warped monster. The rhetoric is sexualized — “insatiable” and “voracious” are both directly used to describe sexual appetites, while “perverse” evokes “perverted” — to represent white people as metaphorical and perhaps literal rapists. And of course, this evil is “nearly impossible to eliminate.” And even if controlled or suppressed, whites are ready at a moment’s notice to “regress” back into their evil ways, with no “permanent cure.”

Or, to rephrase Moss’s words slightly, there is not yet a “final solution” to the Whiteness Question.

This is genocidal rhetoric, and it would be obvious to everyone if it were written about any other group. Nobody writes about “Asianness” as a condition. Nobody talks about needing “effective treatment” for “brownness.” The academic who wrote about “parasitic blackness” as a “voracious” and “perverse” force would lose his job instantly.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This is anti-white hatred. It doesn’t matter at all if Moss is white. First, there has always been a suicidal streak to radical leftism, since the days when the Duke of Orleans voted to guillotine Louis XVI only to be executed himself ten months later. Second, the left’s violently anti-white rhetoric doesn’t have to encompass all white people. Rather, it serves the political purpose of automatically treating American whites as class enemies, who are only to be spared ill-treatment or dispossession by special dispensation.

That doesn’t mean mass murder is inevitable or imminent. But this sort of rhetoric is the exact kind of dehumanizing, totalizing rhetoric used to justify the worst atrocities against the largest groups of people.  Labeling white people as “insatiable” parasites,  as fonts of “white fragility” or “whitelash” or “white rage” responsible for all of America’s political ills, fuels the cultural moment where it is acceptable to racially discriminate against white people, denying them jobs, university seats, and other opportunities purely on the basis of race. It drives an environment where leaders openly talk about levying special taxes aimed at white people or seizing their assets to redistribute to more favored races.

It’s necessary for the right to label exactly what is going on. Yet right now, those who are most aware of the danger remain hesitant.

James Lindsay is an American mathematician who gained notoriety in 2018 for hoaxing the grievance studies industry with a series of bogus papers bearing titles like “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct” and “Our Struggle is My Struggle”, which rewrote portions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf to make it a feminist tract.

Since his hoax, Lindsay has continued to warn about the disastrous and even deadly ramifications of America’s new totalitarian ideology. And after Moss’s sickening paper dropped, Lindsay sounded the alarm:

Lindsay clearly states what he means, and his meaning is also intuitive to anybody willing to use common sense. This isn’t about mass murder being imminent, or that if it did happen it would target all white people or only white people. That is a reductionist oversimplification. But what is happening is very clear: anti-white extremists on the left are being casually allowed to propound the most violent, psychopathic rhetoric possible about white people as a collective, and this is dismissed as some meaningless flourish.

Yet disturbingly, Lindsay’s comments were met with immediate and even over-the-top hostility from his own supposed ideological allies.

Even Chris Rufo, who has done heroic work both exposing and banning critical race theory at the state and local level, reacted to Lindsay’s statements with dismay.

We respect the work that Rufo has done, but he is dead wrong on this matter.  Calling the violent fantasies of extremists merely “symbolic” is playing along with the left’s ratchet strategy, where rhetoric steadily gets more expansive and more explicit in its demands, while reserving the right to say “just kidding!” every time there is pushback. This ratchet is how America went from “police reform” to “abolish the police” and “abolish prisons.” And it’s how America has gone from “symbolic” demands for reparations to American cities literally awarding money to some people based on skin color.

This is a recurring problem for Rufo, as well. Last month, when Marc Lamont Hill asked Rufo to say a single positive thing about being white, he was unable to answer.

Even Rufo, despite all his victories, is letting himself be mentally conquered by the left’s ideology. It’s an ideology that, on a basic level, sees the very word “white” as intrinsically bad, and practically dangerous to utter.

No other group is treated this way. No other group’s defenders are forced to contort themselves like this. Defenders of China’s Uighurs aren’t forced to say that they’re really just defending the right of Uighurs to be treated as individuals. It isn’t “Uighur supremacy” when they demand fair treatment and oppose the destruction of their culture. It isn’t “dangerous” for the concept of “Uighurness” to exist. If a Chinese Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a bestseller condemning the dysfunction of “people who believe they are Uighurs,” everybody would immediately recognize the sinister undertones, the desire to erase and deny the very existence of a group one hates. Yet the actual Ta-Nehisi Coates writes exactly that about “people who believe they are white,” and the Globalist American Empire treats him as a leading intellectual.

Every day, ordinary American white people are subjected a propaganda blitzkrieg that treats them as the intractable source of all problems in America, incapable of reform or redemption. Even the mildest statement in defense of white people as a group is treated as an unthinkable taboo.

In D.C. the local government rewarded the worst looting in decades by painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in mammoth letters down a major street less than one week later. But at Ohio Wesleyan University in 2019, the FBI came in to criminally investigate someone putting up posters that simply said “It’s okay to be white.” The FBI also joined with state and local police to investigate the same sign at Western Connecticut State University. “It’s okay to be white” hasn’t been linked to a single act of mayhem and destruction yet it is treated as a national crisis, while dozens of major riots in the name of BLM have only entrenched it as state ideology. Why? Because, in America right now, it is emphatically not okay to be white.

“All white people are racist,” “only white people are racist,” and “reverse racism doesn’t exist” may not be believed by everyone, but they are stale tropes resurrected endlessly when needed to justify new discriminatory policies or more anti-white agitation.

In early 2020, Anthony Ferrill murdered five coworkers at the Molson Coors brewery in Milwaukee. Subsequent coverage subtly suggested the workers may have deserved it due to “racism” at the plant, since an unknown person left a noose in Ferrill’s locker five years before the shooting. What was the fix? As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote a year later, changes to the company’s policies to disfavor whites.

In the 12 months since the shooting, Molson Coors says it has hired a consulting firm to review its policies, pledged to hire more people of color and given employees more opportunities to share criticism and feedback — work executives say they know must continue.

But efforts to speak to current employees about their experience were unsuccessful.

An expert in workplace discrimination and diversity said lasting change requires a hard look at a company’s values and sustained effort from supervisors up and down the chain of command on every part of an employee’s experience: from hiring and promotions to the way their complaints are handled. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

America cannot survive if the right continues to live in denial about what is happening. They are not simply locked in a battle with “Marxism” or “critical race theory.” Both could vanish tomorrow, and the real threat would remain.  The actors of the Globalist American Empire who call “white supremacy” the nation’s top security threat, or blame “nice white parents” for the problems in education, or melt down over birdwatching being too white, aren’t being motivated by the finer points of Marxism. They’ve simply been trained, at an instinctive level, to despise white people. Less white is good, more white is bad. And once that concept has been made explicit, even the worst atrocities become possible.

The vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a country marred by racial hatred. They believe in fairness, equal opportunity, and treating people as individuals. Even in California, despite a huge spending advantage and the support of almost every nexus of power in the state, a proposition to legalize explicit racial discrimination failed decisively with the state’s voters.

The left’s rhetoric of race hatred is evil, but it’s also unpopular. It survives because its proponents lie about what it is, and their enemies are too frightened to call them out. Contrary to the left’s repeated smears and lies, the right has long avoided racializing America’s policy debates. Even now, half a decade after it became cringeworthy, it’s still more common to see Republicans accuse Democrats of being the real racists against America’s non-whites than it is to see them bluntly state the truth about the left’s anti-white impulses.

The time for this to change is now. From now on, it is the duty of the right’s opinion leaders to openly say what the extremist anti-white left is doing: Deliberately tolerating and enabling violent, dehumanizing, and yes, pre-genocidal rhetoric against innocent American white people. Americans of all races will be ready to resist this. But they need leaders who will honestly say what is happening.

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