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As conservatives, we can no longer sit back and bask in the historical greatness of our military and believe that it will always be a proud patriotic institution.

Times have changed and the left has infiltrated the military with their progressive “woke” agenda exactly the same way they commandeered our nation’s schools and churches — slowly at first, but then before you know it, the gay pride flag is flying over your newly woke church and your kid’s elementary school.

Sadly, the US Military is already halfway down that rabbit hole. Today’s recruitment standards are low and our country’s military leadership is focused on promoting diversity and pushing radical anti-American propaganda instead of being prepared for serious combat.

And believe me, our enemies are sitting back watching all of this unfold and licking their chops with delight.

The infiltration of the military ramped up under Obama, but it’s Joe Biden’s team who has taken this plot to new and rather disturbing levels.

In an exclusive bombshell report, Revolver News introduced you to Biden’s hatchet man who’s in charge of purging MAGA patriots from the military and installing “critical race theory.” As a result of Revolver’s original report, the whole world now knows his name.

His name is Bishop Garrison and he’s as “woke” and radical as they come, and now, Bishop is the new face of “recruitment” for our once well-respected military. Under his wrath, the US military will be transformed into a gender-neutral Petri dish, where progressive brainwashing will be fertilized, hatched, and tested on unsuspecting recruits.

Imagine what this will do to military personnel over time – especially when morale is at an all-time low to begin with. It’s so low, as a matter of fact, that they’re actually thinking of drafting women.

From Inspire to Serve:

Findings and Recommendation:

After careful consideration of a diverse range of perspectives, the Commission determined that the time is right to extend the registration requirement to all Americans, men and women. Doing so promotes the national security of the United States by allowing the President to leverage the full range of talent and skills available during a national mobilization. It also reaffirms the Nation’s fundamental belief in a common defense, and signals that both men and women are valued for their contributions in defending the Nation. The current disparate treatment of women unacceptably excludes women from a fundamental civic obligation and reinforces gender stereotypes about the role of women, undermining national security.

As you can clearly see, the situation surrounding the takeover of the military by Biden’s America-hating communist lackey Bishop Garrison is dire.

This is an “all hands on deck” emergency, and that’s why Revolver was pleased to see America First Congressman Matt Gaetz also calling out Bishop Garrison’s plot to target and purge conservative patriots from the military.

Gaetz took to the House floor where he gave a rousing rebuke of Garrison’s anti-American recruitment plan.

Here’s a sample of what Gaetz said:

“We cannot possibly have a discussion about recruiting and the values of the military while service members who might have a conservative or pro-Trump perspective are targeted by military leaders.”

This is a clip worth watching:

Excellent work by Matt Gaetz. But we need even more.

We need every one of our readers to get fully engaged on this issue. We must keep pressure on Bishop Garrison and call on our elected officials to do the same.

Because if we lose the United States military to the cancerous tumor of progressivism, we’ll have nothing left to fight for.

This is the one hill that all of us need to fight on, together.

God knows our military has been there for us when we needed them – it’s now time for us to return the favor and save our enlisted soldiers from this poisonous anti-American plot being waged by Bishop Garrison.

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