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Kevin McCarthy should have cut Liz Cheney loose months ago when she voted to impeach President Trump during the second sham impeachment trial.

But he didn’t.

A strong and respectful leader would have listened to Wyoming and the entire conservative base and stripped her of her leadership titles, but McCarthy wussed out and held a pointless anonymous vote, which Cheney passed with flying colors.

So, Liz kept her leadership titles and voters seethed with anger.

But it wasn’t enough for Liz to just put her head down and quietly get back to work. She had to rub voters’ noses in the fact that she was not going anywhere, and she continued her attacks against President Trump and his base.

Now, after increased backlash over Cheney’s disrespectful attacks, Kevin McCarthy is finally going to do what he should have done in the first place.

He will hold a public vote to strip Cheney of her leadership titles.

And that vote could be coming as soon as May 12th.

But wait, before you get too excited about this so-called GOP power move, there’s a catch.

In what can only be described as the zenith of congressional GOP retardation, our team of Keystone Republicans are seeking to replace Liz Cheney with yet another neocon establishment nitwit.

Elise Stefanik.

Elise and Liz share the same basic establishment ideology and agenda.

The only difference between the two is that Stefanik defended President Trump during the House impeachment — so I guess that somehow qualifies her to be the third most powerful congressional Republican.

The race to spoon-feed Elise Stefanik to MAGA voters is on.

The establishment pundits are out in full force spinning tales of Elise’s journey from “principled conservative” to “Trump loyalist.” As if somehow those two things are not mutually exclusive.

Here’s what Josh Kraushaar, a writer for National Journal wrote:

“Elise Stefanik = elected as moderate, new wave Republican who evolved into as a Trump loyalist.

Liz Cheney =a principled conservative, voted party line frequently in last four years, but spoke out against Trump after Jan. 6.

Proof positive that Trump loyalty > policy.” [Twitter]

Yes, Elise was a brave soul to speak out against Trump after January 6th, wasn’t she? She really stuck her neck out with that bold move.

But are Elise’s policies really “Trump loyalty?”

Not really. In actuality, Liz Cheney’s policies were far more “Trumpy” than Elise’s were.

Take a look:

And speaking of Elise’s so-called pro-Trump ways, let’s look back at how she sharply criticized President Trump on important key issues.

North County Public Radio put together a “timeline” of Elise’s not-so-Trumpy moves over the past several years.

For crying out loud, this spineless RINO wimp opposed the border wall:

Spring 2016: The presidential primaries

April 11: Rep. Stefanik won’t say who she supports heading into the GOP presidential primary.

May 5: Stefanik says she’ll support the eventual GOP nominee.

Summer 2016: Trump locks down the Republican nomination.

August 5: Stefanik criticizes Trump’s attacks on a “gold star” military family.

Here’s what Elise said: “I think there is no excuse to be attacking gold star families. Military families deserve our utmost respect.”

Her words made it sound like Trump didn’t respect our military, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Fall 2016: The final days before the election

October 10: Stefanik reacts to the “Access Hollywood” tapes.

Here’s what Elise said about the Access Hollywood tape: “Donald Trump’s inappropriate, offensive comments are just wrong. No matter when he said them or whatever the context. I hope his apology is sincere.” She later said, “I’ve opposed his rhetoric numerous times toward women.”

Elise is once again pushing the left’s agenda.

October 12: Stefanik blasts Trump’s core positions on national defense.

Here’s what Elise said about Trump’s NATO comments:

“His statements regarding NATO, his statements regarding Putin, regarding some of the positions in regards to Iraq that he made, regarding the oil fields — I absolutely oppose those. But we also need to look at Hillary Clinton’s failed ethics record.”

Elise was also upset about Trump’s comments about “taking over” Iraq’s oil fields.

October 17: Stefanik confirms her support for the Republican nominee — but won’t name Trump.

Elise would only refer to Trump as “My party’s nominee.”

January 29 2017: Stefanik speaks out against Trump’s ban on migrants from majority-Muslim countries.

Here’s what Elise said about the so-called “Muslim Ban”:

“I oppose President Trump’s rushed and overly broad Executive Order.”

She opposed the border wall.

May 10: Stefanik criticizes the proposed border wall.

Here’s what Elise said about President Trump’s plan for the wall: “I don’t think that’s realistic. I don’t think the president’s plan is exactly right on that.”

October 17: Stefanik opposes deep budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.

January 12, 2018: Stefanik is dismayed by “shithole” comment.

Elise’s spokesperson said this about the comment: “Congresswoman Stefanik strongly believes the President’s comments were wrong and contrary to our American ideals.”

February 12: Stefanik questions the White House’s stance on a slew of issues — from domestic violence to Russian interference in U.S. elections.

March 15: Stefanik breaks with the GOP and demands more investigation of Russian election interference.

Elise was actively pushing the left’s phony Russian conspiracy.

Here’s what she said about the investigation: “…I will continue to be an outspoken supporter of the Mueller investigation, which I believe is best equipped and our best hope to get to the apolitical truth.”

March 21: Stefanik criticizes the Trump administration for its slow response to Russian cyberhacking.

March 26: Stefanik opposes Trump’s intent to break NAFTA.

Elise shows here what a globalist she is at the very core of her being: “Hopefully we don’t get to that point and can focus on modernizing the trade agreement between those three countries, and how we can strengthen NAFTA and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

May 18: Stefanik joins an upstate Democrat against new tariffs on newsprint imports.

May 31: Stefanik comes out against the Trump Administration’s tariff-centric trade strategy.

Here’s what Elise said about Trump’s Canada tariffs: “I strongly oppose these tariffs on our nation’s closest economic partner, Canada.”

June 5: Stefanik disagrees with President Trump’s claim that he can pardon himself.

Elise pushed the fake talking point that Trump was going to fire Mueller. Here’s what her spokesperson said: “Congresswoman Stefanik continues to be an outspoken supporter of the Mueller investigation and believes it would be a serious mistake for the president to fire Mueller.”

June 15: Stefanik calls for an end to family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border.

July 9: Stefanik again condemns President Trump’s approach to trade disputes.

July 16: Stefanik restates support for Russia probe after a controversial summit.

Once again, Elise shows her unwavering support for the Mueller investigation: “Russia has a track record of meddling in elections — not only ours in 2016, but around the world. I support the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in getting to the apolitical truth.”

July 27: Stefanik again blasts Trump’s tariff strategy.

Does this sound like a person who believes in America First? Does Elise sound like the type of politician who will buck the left and fight for MAGA voters?

Or does Elise sound like every other wishy-washy, spineless Republican who buckles when we need them most, and who puts their personal feelings and emotions above the wants and needs of the people whom they are supposed to represent?

I think the answer to that question is clear.

It’s great that Elise fought for President Trump during the impeachment sham, but not doing so would have been political suicide, as we’ve seen with Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Romney, and others.

Was she really some “brave soul” for doing that, or a savvy politician protecting herself?

I’d caution you not to focus on that one issue but instead, look at Elise’s overall track record. That’s the only way you can get an accurate read on what type of leader she will be.

It’s absolutely true that we must boot out the Never Trumpers from the party — that goes without saying — but in all honesty, they’re not our biggest problem. Never Trumpers are predictable — we always know exactly where they stand.

The real issue we face involves the “Elise Stefanik’s of the political world. I like to call people like her “TINOS,” or “Trumpists In Name Only.”

Those are the GOP politicians who are most dangerous. TINOS like Elise are unpredictable and dangerous to our cause because we never know if she’ll back us up or take the “Conservative High Road” and virtue signal to the left.

The answer isn’t to keep Liz Cheney or her ilk in power. Liz needs to go, and when she does, it will mark a genuine and hard won victory for the America First movement. The real answer, however, is for the do-nothing GOP to finally address the problem of weak and feckless leadership within the party and promote elected officials who offer more than fleeting support and fake symbolic gestures.

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