Top 7 Most Ridiculous Hate Crime Hoaxes

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Among the American cosmopolitan left, the demand for hate crimes has always badly outpaced the supply.

The latest in a long and endless list of proofs for this thesis comes from Michigan’s Albion College. The college itself is a small liberal arts school, nestled in a town that voted more than 70 percent for Joe Biden last November. The chances that Albion, Michigan, is secretly a hotbed of KKK-style racism are not slim. They are zero, nonexistent.

The hatemongering Black Lives Matter activists of the college simply couldn’t handle the lack of racist hate crimes on campus. So one BLM activist at Albion College who wanted to give his life meaning decided to create a hoax. Unfortunately for that student, while it’s easy to fake a hate crime, it’s harder to trick the police.

Wow, absolutely shocking — how remarkable to think that phrasing like “We do exist KKK” would be fake.

Washington Examiner provides more details.

A black student has admitted to tagging a Michigan college with racist graffiti in an apparent hoax that prompted protests and outrage from school administrators, police said.

Albion Department of Public Safety and Albion College confirmed that a student was responsible for the April 2 graffiti vandalism that left the phrases “KKK,” “White Power,” and “Die N—— Please” on a university wall. The 21-year-old, who has yet to be named, was released after questioning on Tuesday, and possible charges will be left to the discretion of the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office once the investigation is complete.

“Earlier today, we identified the individual responsible for the racist and anti-Semitic graffiti in Mitchell Towers,” the university wrote in a Wednesday tweet. “The student, who was acting alone, acknowledged their responsibility for these incidents. They have been immediately removed from campus and placed on temporary suspension while we conduct a full investigation as part of our student judicial process.”

although police confirmed the suspect’s race and gender, the school initially did not. Instead, the 1,475-student liberal arts college 100 miles west of Detroit insisted in a statement that the acts were racist and rooted in the school’s history of “racial pain and trauma.”

“But we know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident,” Albion College wrote. “We know that there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community. We will change and heal together as a community, because we are committed to doing the work.

However, when pressed by the Washington Examiner, the school acknowledged it had identified a “student of color” as the perpetrator in the incident. The college added that information related to the offense was turned over to police. [Washington Examiner]

Of course, everyone with a brain suspected this attack was fake from the beginning. The only people dim enough to think it was real were college administrators and white liberals. The truth is, attacks motivated purely by racial animus are uncommon, and those committed by “privileged” whites are even less so. And those that happen at tiny liberal arts colleges in deep blue towns are practically nonexistent.

But for those raised on endless tales of lynchings, fire hoses, Emmett Till and the Birmingham church bombing, modern America’s racial tolerance is an existential problem.

Without hate crimes to be the victim of, why even live? Some have taken that question to its natural conclusion, and simply invented the crimes outright.

Here are seven of Revolver’s favorite hate crime hoaxes.

7. Jordan Brown’s Big Gay Cake

Progressives have spent the better part of two decades harassing small businesses for refusing to make gay wedding cakes. But Jordan Brown, pastor at the totally-not-a-grift Church of Open Doors, found another way to exploit cake shops.

Pastor Jordan Ryan

In 2016, the Rev. Brown sued a grocery store after he said his “Love Wins” cake was delivered with an unwanted extra word.

There were immediate red flags. Brown hadn’t exactly bought the cake from Proud Klansman 1488 Bakery. He bought it from a Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, which is somewhere between Greenwich Village and a Lady Gaga music video in terms of likelihood to harbor anti-gay extremists.

To its credit, Whole Foods immediately called Brown a liar and countersued, which is better than many companies today would do in the face of obvious hoaxes. A month later, Brown admitted the truth and slunk away in shame.

6. Madonna Constantine

Constantine wins a spot on the list for so excellently showcasing one of the most common motivation for hate hoaxes: A pathetic need to use racial victimhood to avoid getting in trouble for other bad behavior.

Constantine, a Columbia University Teachers College professor, was caught plagiarizing her own students, as well as several fellow faculty members. With the walls closing in around her, Constantine sought refuge in victimhood. In October 2007, Constantine “found” a noose hanging in her office.

Fake Noose

Almost immediately, the FBI and DOJ dispatched personnel to investigate this extremely serious crime, while Constantine basked in her new status as hate crime victim:

“People have cried in class,” said Dr. Constantine, 44, a professor of psychology and education who specializes in the study of how race and racial prejudice can affect clinical and educational interactions.

“Uncovering those issues, students often get to a place where it can be painful.” In an interview in her office, a suite peppered with academic tomes and mugs from psychology conferences, Dr. Constantine said she remained mystified over who could be responsible for leaving a noose dangling on her office door at Teachers College this week.

“I really don’t have any idea of who could have done that,” she said. “Is there anything that I’ve experienced that’s close? I would say no.” [New York Times]

Constantine’s gambit didn’t work, though. While police were mysteriously unable to find a suspect for the noose in her office, Columbia continued its investigation, and in 2008 it fired Constantine for her repeated plagiarism. Even then, Constantine refused to crack. She said that for every plagiarism allegation brought against, her the real plagiarist was her accuser, and both Columbia and the law firm hired to investigate her were colluding to deprive her of a job? Why? Just racism, of course. In 2009, Constantine sued Columbia for $200 million. Her case, mercifully, was dismissed. Nobody ever found out who put the noose there. But in Revolver’s opinion, the perpetrator is perfectly obvious.

5. The Albany Clinton Bamboozlers

Three students at SUNY Albany ignited a wave of outrage in early 2016 when they told police they were attacked by a white mob on a bus (for no reason save racism, of course!), while the driver sat and did nothing. The attack quickly garnered national attention. Hundreds protested on campus. The demonstrators submitted a sweeping list of demands which included a severe punishment for the alleged perpetrators.

For some of the ralliers, that includes curriculum changes, hiring more minority faculty and administrators and sensitivity training for university police. They also want the students who they say committed the hate crime to be punished.

“We demand that those UAlbany students who committed this hate crime based on racism and sexism be expelled immediately,” one speaker said. [CBS 6]

The attack quickly garnered a tweet from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Police swiftly rounded up a list of suspects, and it’s entirely possible that several innocent people would have gone to prison, but thankfully the incident was captured by multiple cameras, which revealed the truth. The three black girls were guilty of attacking a 19-year-old white woman on the bus. They reported the incident to police in order to shift the blame.

While the situation nearly spiraled out of control, in the end justice was done. Two of the hate fraudsters were expelled, and another was suspended.

4. Althea Bernstein’s Magical Super Lighter

Compared to 2016, the “racial reckoning” of 2020 produced surprisingly few hate hoaxes, but when they appeared, they were doozies. Bubba Watson’s NASCAR noose, which tied down 15 FBI agents at its peak, will live on longest in the public’s memory, but Bubba’s Boner deserves to be overshadowed by another, even funnier hoax up in Wisconsin.

On June 24, 2020, Althea Bernstein told police that she was assaulted by four “classic Wisconsin frat boys” (complete with “floral shirts” on two of them!) while she waited at a red light in downtown Madison around 1 a.m. According to Bernstein, the group sprayed lighter fluid through the window and then ignited her face, burning her. The logistics of the attack sounded pretty difficult to pull off in real life, but fortunately the world is full of people with zero real-world common sense, called “journalists,” who uncritically promoted Bernstein’s story. Ex-royal and possible future presidential candidate Meghan Markle advocated for her. Bernstein was even invited on “Good Morning America.”

In contrast to most other hate hoaxes, though, Bernstein actually did have burns on her face. So, what could possibly have caused those burns other than four frat boys on the prowl after midnight, seeking a victim? Well, as it turns out, June 23 wasn’t exactly a normal night in Madison. It was a flashpoint in America’s 2020 surge of “peaceful protests”.

Protesters tore down statues of Forward and a Union Civil War colonel, assaulted a state senator and set a small fire in a city building Downtown on Tuesday night after the arrest of a Black activist earlier in the day.

In response, Gov. Tony Evers warned Wednesday morning that he was prepared to call in the National Guard to protect state buildings. Evers said is his office is “continuing to work with local law enforcement to understand their response to last night’s events and their plan to respond to similar events in the future.” [Wisconsin State Journal]

In fact, the arson attack on the City County building took place at almost the exact same moment that Bernstein said she was attacked by “classic Wisconsin frat boys.” Mysterious!

Three months later, investigators closed the investigation after “authorities could not establish that the attack, as alleged by the complainant, had occurred.” Go figure.

3. Every single fake hate crime after Trump’s election.

Taken individually, none of the hate hoaxes committed after the election of President Trump truly belong on this list. They’re all too derivative, unoriginal, and to be honest, a bit lame. But taken together, and considering how breathlessly the media believed them, the deluge of fake hate crimes following Donald Trump’s 2016 election deserve to be remembered.

There was the 18-year-old Muslim teen who said three Trump supporters tried to nab her hijab on a New York subway train. In reality, she made up the attack because she feared her father would punish her for going out drinking with friends.

Hijab hoaxer Yasmin Seweid.

There was the UL-Lafayette student who said that two men, one in a “Trump hat,” ambushed her and seized both her wallet and her hijab. Later, police exposed the sham by asking the understandable question, “if this happened in broad daylight right next to campus, how did nobody see it?”

There was the University of Michigan student in the well-known pro-Trump bastion of Ann Arbor who said a man threatened to set her hijab on fire, then later admitted to making up the whole thing.

There was former Intercept journalist Juan Thompson, who sent bomb threats to Jewish community centers and tried to frame an ex-girlfriend, who then blamed the “white New York media” when caught.

Juan Thompson, formerly of The Intercept.

And then, there was gay filmmaker Chris Ball, who says that a group of Trump voters cornered him in an alleyway on election night in Santa Monica, California, and beat him so badly he went to the hospital. Unfortunately, Ball didn’t account for things like “basic recordkeeping,” which revealed that he was never admitted to an area hospital and had never called the police about the supposed attack.

Chris Ball.

The much-hyped wave of MAGA hate crimes turned out to just be MAGA blood libel. And the press ate all of it up, every time.

2. Jussie Smollett

Wait, Jussie Smollett isn’t number one? Nope. As incredible as it was, there’s one hate crime hoax even more spectacular than the Empire star’s bizarre effort to enhance his own career.

From the beginning, it was obvious to ever person with a brain that Smollett was telling a howler. Two white men, wearing MAGA hats, identified Smollett on site as he walked down the street, and swooped in to stick a noose around his neck and pour bleach on him? All on one of the coldest nights of the year? The only way to capture the sheer absurdity is to watch a reenactment released afterwards:

Fun fact: Jussie Smollett really did call himself “the gay Tupac.”


And yet, in what is the rule rather than the exception for hate hoaxes, despite being obviously phony, Smollett’s allegations were taken completely seriously for several days. Future vice president Kamala Harris called it an “attempted modern-day lynching.”

Not only that, but Harris and Cory Booker seized upon the stunt to push legislation making “lynching” a federal crime. Disgracefully, every Republican except Rand Paul backed the measure, which would give federal prosecutors a new tool for bringing abusive prosecutions while doing absolutely nothing to prevent actual crimes.

That’s right: Juicy Smole-yay’s mentally ill stunt to boost his career nearly got the GOP to capitulate to the Democratic Party and change federal law permanently.

1. Tawana Brawley

Jussie Smollett’s sojourn in “MAGA country” Illinois may be the funniest hate crime hoax. But in the end, there was no way Smollett could unseat the legendary Tawana Brawley case of 1987.

Tawana and Big Al Sharpton.

While we live in the golden age of the hate hoax, grifters and scammers have been pulling them off for decades now. Brawley’s hoax was one of the first, and in many ways provided the template for all future hate hoaxes: Make spectacular allegations, stoke a media frenzy for sympathy and cash, and never, ever apologize or confess when sober police work reveals the truth.

The Brawley hoax had all the ingredients necessary for an over-the-top initial public reaction. After going missing for four days, 15-year-old Tawana Brawley reappeared outside a former apartment she had lived in, stuffed in a garbage back, with torn clothes and feces smeared on her. Charcoal had been used to write words like “nigger” and “KKK” on her skin (only later did calmer minds note that the words were written upside down, as though Brawley had written them herself, looking down at her torso).

When interviewed by police, Brawley claimed she had been gang-raped by six white men, at least one of them a police officer. Later, she accused assistant DA Stephen Pagones of being one of her attackers (Pagones blamed the stress of the allegations for the failure of his first marriage). Pagones’ only actual offense was defending a friend who had recently committed suicide, whom Brawley had also accused. Al Sharpton, along with serial race grifter attorneys Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason (both later disbarred), hyped the case up into a national story. The three claimed that New York state officials were colluding with the Mafia and KKK to cover up the truth to protect white rapists.

From the beginning, there was no evidence of any rape or sexual assault at all.  Yet the saga continued for nearly an entire year, costing the state more than a million dollars. Only when a grand jury report was issued in fall 1988 did the full truth come out: Brawley had never been attacked, raped, or even abducted. She had faked the entire thing to avoid punishment from her abusive stepfather for skipping school to visit her boyfriend in jail. According to the grand jury report:

— Witnesses saw Brawley getting into the plastic bag by herself, and then hopping around in it before curling up into a ball on the ground.

— The hospital rape tests were negative and no semen was found anyplace on her body.

— She had no recent bruises or other marks on her body consistent with rape.

— Hospital technicians who evaluated Brawley concluded that she was faking unconsciousness.

— Brawley was well-nourished, had clean breath, no bruises or injuries to her body and was not suffering from exposure, despite temperatures having dropped to freezing several times when she was allegedly being gang-raped in the woods.

— Witnesses had seen Brawley in a vacant apartment where she had once lived during the period of the alleged attack.

— In that apartment, investigators found charred fibers matching the burnt clothes Brawley had been found in, the source of the material that had been stuffed in her nose and ears, and the feces that had been smeared on her. Investigators even identified the dog whose feces it was. Her dirty clothes were still in a washing machine in the building. [Caledonian Record]


Sharpton never apologized or admitted the truth. Instead, he smeared New York attorney general Robert Abrams as “Hitler” and a sexual pervert whom he said masturbated to photos of Brawley. He then went on to a long career as an American race baiter, a career which netted him millions of dollars and his own MSNBC show.

On the bright side, Sharpton, Maddox, and Mason were all made to pay large sums to Pagones for defamation. Brawley was ordered to make payments as well, though as of 2013 she had only paid 1 percent of what she owed. Still, it’s far more justice than comes out of many hate crime hoaxes.

Routinely, whenever a hate hoax is exposed, the press and political activists dutifully claim that the only “real victims” of hate crime hoaxes are future crime victims who may not be believed in the future.

From their very inception, hate hoaxes were designed to foment anger, hatred, and potentially violence against the group that is falsely blamed — namely, white people.

As uncomfortable as it might be to acknowledge, modern hate hoaxes constitute a wave of hate crimes against white people.

Last week’s hoax at Albion is no exception.

After the truth of the hoax came out, an editor at Albion’s student newspaper engaged in contorted mental gymnastics to show how, really, white people were still at fault for an act of racial defamation against them.

When hate is spread, we assume it’s a white person. Regardless of what the truth ends up being, before we know the truth, this is the most fair of assumptions.

White privilege is an issue. I stand by that. I will always stand by that.

Before, during and after the identity of the perpetrator was found, it was Black students and Jewish students on campus who felt unsafe – not white. This is privilege.

White students on campus don’t fall victim to worrying about being hated on for the color of our skin. This is privilege [Albion Pleiad]

To borrow a term from the leftist lexicon, this is “victim blaming.”

White students were targeted by a calculated smear, a vicious effort to portray them as hateful brutes.

Now, a participant in this Two Minutes Hate against white people has come out to say that, even after the hoax was exposed, whites are still to blame, on the basis that if people were willing to believe the hoax, then it’s proof that white people are historically evil.

Never mind that many of the past incidents the editor thinks are real were likely also hoaxes, or else the product of paranoia and misunderstandings, like when Clemson melted down over some bananas or hundreds of U-Delaware students concluded that months-old remnants of some paper lanterns were actually nooses.

It’s difficult to describe how sickening and warped this thinking is. Yet it now dominates on campuses, city halls, and in every major institution of our country.

As we are reminded every day, America is a diverse country. And diverse countries absolutely cannot survive when hatred is stoked between their constituent racial groups. But that is exactly what every hate hoax does, deliberately and maliciously.

There is only one solution to this wave of racial defamation: Hate crime hoaxes must be prosecuted just as strenuously as the perpetrators of the real crimes would be.

Right now, when hate hoaxes aren’t ignored entirely, they are treated as comedic, bumbling affairs. But while idiotic criminals getting caught is always funny, hate hoaxes deserve to be treated as a serious, major crime.

Jussie Smollett became a national laughingstock and ruined his career when his phony bleach attack was exposed. But Smollett deserved more than humiliation. He deserved a real prison term. Smollett defamed white people and supporters of President Trump with his hoax, suggesting they were eager to stalk and torment innocent strangers purely out of hate.

Had his hoax succeeded, he might have successfully induced Illinois or even the federal government to pass new anti-white laws. Had he been more competent, he may even have framed an innocent person for the attack. Had that person been convicted, they’d possibly have faced years or even decades in prison. Smollett should have faced the same.

The same standard should hold for this unnamed Albion College student. This student defamed an entire race, fanning hatred and hostility against white students in order to benefit himself. At a minimum, he deserves the same charges that would have been brought had a white student been found responsible. Arguably, he should be punished more. After all, what causes more harm? Some graffiti that is quickly cleaned up and denounced by everyone, or libeling the basic character of an entire racial group?

Institutionalized and widespread hate rhetoric against white people is dangerous and deeply immoral. When China demonizes its Uighur population there is an army of GOP politicians ready to point out their evil. When the ruling class institutions of the Globalist American Empire demonize white people, precious few have the moral courage to raise a voice against it.

Every American has a moral obligation to acknowledge these hate hoaxes for the anti-white hate crimes that they are. And it’s time to throw the perpetrators of these crimes behind bars where they belong.


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