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You may not remember this, but there was a Coke commercial from 1979 featuring NFL player “Mean” Joe Greene that deeply defined the soulful and personal relationship between sports and the American people.

I dug it up for those of you who may not have seen it, and for those who have, please enjoy the warm and fuzzy flashback.


Ahh, the memories…

There was a time in this country when sports figures were heroes and titans. They stood for the anthem, they huddled and prayed before the big game, they fought like men on the field or court, and whether they won or lost, they always remembered to thank God at the end of the battle.

They were the epitome of the strong and masculine all-American man. Men cheered for them, women swooned, and little boys wanted to be just like them when they grew up.

And part of the reason why many great sports heroes from the past were so awe-inspiring is that there was an air of mystery about them.

Back in the day, we weren’t privy to all these goofy intimate details about athlete’s lives like we are today — we didn’t know what they ate for breakfast, or what kind of toilet paper they use, or who they voted for.

Sports heroes from the past were a lot like Batman. They showed up when we needed them and then disappeared into the shadows until the next game.

Sadly, that’s no longer the case.

Now, we can’t get rid of them.

Today’s so-called sports “heroes” like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are a completely different breed. They represent whiny, spoiled effeminate men who lack manly virtue and have boulder-sized chips on their shoulders.

Insofar as LeBron is concerned, the chip he carries around has a very childlike “victim-quality” to it, which is curious coming from such a powerful billionaire. But those deep crevices with the human psyche don’t care much about basketball games and piles of money, do they? Perhaps within the dark corners of LeBron’s mind, he anguishes over his father who abandoned him. Perhaps he projects feelings of anger and insecurity back onto a society that he feels has let him down.

That could be one reason why LeBron lashes out the way he does… but there’s more than just that.

Look what happened Wednesday, when he sent a threatening tweet about the hardworking middle-class police officer who saved a young black girl from being stabbed by a crazed, knife-wielding teenager in Ohio.

He deleted the tweet after tremendous backlash, but as we all know, the internet is forever:

After deleting the tweet, LeBron waited about two hours before issuing a rambling and selfish statement that painted himself as the victim and was completely devoid of truth and facts.

This type of statement shouldn’t surprise anyone. LeBron has a history of playing the victim and passively whining.

NBA fans know that LeBron is a crybaby, and have called him out for it repeatedly over the years.


Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were the epitome of manly cool guys, who, win or lose, always took responsibility on and off the court by being good role models.

On the flip side, LeBron shirks responsibility on the court when his team loses and he refuses to take the blame for just about anything. He’s not a leader, yet he’s “leading” this new so-called “civil rights” movement sweeping the nation.

Scary stuff.

LeBron, who humbly calls himself “King James,” has transformed from a first-string superstar athlete into a second-string flunky activist. He has a disgraceful history of inciting race mobs and having zero gravitas as a public figure when commenting on current events or anything remotely related to “civil rights.”

And speaking of history… LeBron also has a long history of hating white people. It’s true. As he describes it, he disliked white folks because he was both envious and fearful of them. LeBron was filled with racism and hate at a very young age, brought on by his environment, circumstances, community, and other influences.

Listen to how he describes being sent to an all-white school when he was younger and pay attention to his tone right now, as he recalls that memory from so long ago.


Is it just me, or can you still hear the contempt?

When that type of racism takes root in your soul, you may be able to cover it up for a while or ignore it, but it will come roaring back someday and I think that’s what we’re witnessing right now with LeBron’s new “racial justice” project. I think for him, what he’s doing right now is more about white people than it his about black people.

Clearly, LeBron is a man filled with deep insecurities. Why else would you call yourself “King,” and have to tell the world how “smart” and informed you are?

LeBron James has said he is “the wrong guy to go at” after Zlatan Ibrahimovic told the NBA icon to stay out of politics.

“I speak from a very educated mind. I’m kind of the wrong guy to go at because I do my homework.” [Russia Today]

That’s right — LeBron claims that he’s extremely smart and uneducated, unlike his critics.

I mean, that may be true, but it’s a hard pill to swallow when you watch him bungle his way through a simple question about a Malcolm X book he was “supposedly” reading.


But you can’t really blame “King James” for thinking he’s the smartest man in the room when he has sportswriters all over the globe blowing huge amounts of smoke up his rear end on a daily basis.

From CBS Sports:

But when people talk about James as possibly the greatest basketball player to ever play, it’s not just for his physical talent. It’s for his intelligence, too. To call him the smartest player in the current NBA, if not in history, would not be a stretch.

“There’s a lot of people in the league with LeBron’s body,” Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers told Sports Illustrated in a recent interview. “There’s no one in the league with his brain.”

And speaking of books. Are you familiar with the Internet phenomenon surrounding LeBron James and his “big brain books?” Many people are convinced that he only reads the first page of these books…and they have the photos to back up their claims.

People also find it curious how LeBron can walk at a brisk pace while looking down, reading a book. Must be that “photographic memory” of his.


The “first-page” theory is funny, but there’s actually some truth to it.

I believe LeBron James is the type of pompous narcissist who thinks he only needs to read the “first-page” of anything in order to qualify as an expert on the subject.

And that’s very dangerous when you’re a role model and a so-called “political and racial justice” activist with about 45 million followers on Twitter alone.

And the truth of the matter is that LeBron really sucks at being a racial justice warrior. He’s never fully informed on social or political issues that he speaks out about, and he always ends up making matters worse. Whether it be this situation with the shooting death of Ma’Khia Bryant, or his ignorant comments on China, he’s repeatedly called out for either getting the story wrong or missing the bigger picture altogether.


And his failure as an “SJW” has translated over to the basketball court. Have you seen the ratings for the NBA? They make CNN’s ratings look “good.” Just over at ABC alone, the ratings are down by nearly 50 percent.

And this fall from glory is all on LeBron — after all, that’s his “Kingdom” and he’s the guy who turned the NBA into a progressive wasteland.

LeBron is the “Kaepernick” of the NBA. And ironically, both of these men are infamous for not having the facts on nearly every social issue they speak out about.

Also, let’s not forget that both of these men have very strong influences from white people in their pasts, and to some degree, owe at least part of their success to the help and support they received from the white community…Yet they have so much animosity and rage.

And even with all this emotional baggage, these are the two celebrity leaders of the “racial justice movement” that has a chokehold on this country. Two effeminate, hyper-emotional men with racism and “daddy issues.” What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot can go wrong and a lot has gone wrong, thanks to King James.

LeBron James’ racial justice warrior antics have done nothing to help the black community or our country. He’s made matters worse by pushing out overly emotional/incorrect information to millions of gullible people. LeBron’s anti-white views that are rooted in his childhood and young adult years appear to still be a driving force behind his frantic need to hold every white police officer “accountable” regardless of the facts.

Dangerous stuff, folks.

LeBron James is not a hero, and the black community and America deserve better than this selfish, hysterical man who is more concerned about fighting his own personal demons than battling for actual truth and justice and the American way.

Laura Ingraham was right — it’s time for LeBron to shut up and dribble.


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