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Over the weekend, Utah reporter Jason Nguyen of ABC4 News in Salt Lake City created a maelstrom when he decided to personally harass a local paramedic over a $10 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

After The Guardian reported last week on a data leak revealing police officers and public officials who donated to a Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund, ABC’s Salt Lake City, Utah affiliate deemed it newsworthy that a local law-abiding citizen donated $10.

Reporter Jason Nguyen filmed himself going to the residence of Craig Shephard, a paramedic at West Valley City Fire Department. He then showed up at Shephard’s home in his report on live television and contacted his employer about the donation.

Shephard was one of the many individuals exposed in the data breach of a Christian crowdfunding website. Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, is on bail after being accused of killing two individuals in Kenosha, Wis., as well as shooting another. Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty and his trial is expected in November. [The Federalist]

Nguyen’s gross behavior generated well-deserved hostility from the right. But don’t be mistaken. Nguyen’s targeted, politically-motivated harassment of an ordinary American wasn’t unusual or exceptional. He was merely demonstrating how the globalist left’s weaponization of the press against the American people has already trickled all the way down to the local level.

What brought attention to Nguyen was that he was willing to physically harass his target, rather than simply destroy him at a distance, like an American drone blowing up a Yemeni wedding. When Nguyen learned via stolen data given to the The Guardian that a local paramedic had made a small donation to support Kyle Rittenhouse, he decided that, by golly, he was going to go and knock on his door with a microphone.

Nguyen justified his hideous behavior with a flimsy excuse about the paramedic using his government email to make the donation, and then compared him to someone charged with a serious crime.

Eventually, after a heavy heaping of hostility, Nguyen deleted his tweet. Here’s a screen capture.

In his finest Taylor Lorenz fashion, Nguyen then made a big show of taking a hiatus from Twitter, posing as the victim of the entire affair.

But Nguyen has already done what he needed to do. Nguyen’s sorry excuse for a report prompted an “investigation” into the paramedic he was harassing. That investigation might result in punishment, or it might not. The vast majority of Americans will never find out, and the chilling message has been sent. If you try to support a person or cause you sympathize with, you too might have Stasi thugs come knock on your front door.

In case the targeting of the Utah paramedic wasn’t enough, The Virginian-Pilot made sure to drive home the globalist’s terroristic message of submission and obedience to state ideology. The Pilot also received the stolen GiveSendGo data, and used it as an excuse to target a local police officer.

The second in command of the Norfolk Police Department’s internal affairs unit has been fired after he made what the city manager called “egregious” comments praising Kyle Rittenhouse, the white man accused of shooting and killing protestors last year.

Police Chief Larry Boone did not say which specific policy Lt. William K. Kelly III violated. When asked, a police spokesman said he would check with the city attorney but did not respond further.

An anonymous donor in September gave $25 to the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, but the donation came from Kelly’s official email address, according to data from the Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo that was hacked. The transparency group Distributed Denial of Secrets then shared the information with journalism organizations, including The Virginian-Pilot.

Clay Messick, a 15-year veteran officer and president of the local police union, called the decision to fire Kelly “disappointing,” saying he’s never seen an administrative investigation conducted “so hastily.”

Rittenhouse’s case has become a rallying cry for right-wing activists, and the donation from Kelly’s email address carried the comment: “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.” [Virginian-Pilot]

For now, the Utah paramedic still has his job. Lt. Kelly was not so fortunate. Nearly 20 years of service were eradicated in an instant, over a $25 donation to a young man who is still innocent until proven guilty.

What Jason Nguyen and the Virginian-Pilot did is revolting and hideous. But focusing anger on them is almost beside the point. They weren’t breaking the rules of journalism by harassing regular people over donations that cost less than a tank of gas. In fact, they were executing those rules perfectly.  Their ghoulish efforts to destroy a cop and paramedic demonstrate how the institutional globalist left has now converted local media into an effective tool for political control.

For the past decade, the national media have taken a beating. Doxing, harassment, a nakedly political agenda, and propaganda on behalf of the globalist deep state have destroyed the national press’s trust and credibility at an alarming rate.

But for several years, as the national press disintegrated, local news remained a “safe space” for fair and balanced reporting. Local news broadcasters were trusted faces who lived in your community. Since they were aimed at a local audience, they were less able and less willing to push absurd lies to a public that would quickly tune them out.

At the national level, propagandists could spin lies about “mostly peaceful protests.” At the local level, reporters told the truth about exploding murder rates. National media repeated the ever-evolving party line on coronavirus that demanded endless lockdowns, endless masking, endless obedience. It took local news to expose the routine hypocrisy of those in power.

But just as George Soros acolytes now occupy the local DA’s office and elementary schools push Critical Race Theory, the Democratic Party has successfully infiltrated local news and transformed once-trusted reporters into foot soldiers of the media propaganda war.

This trend has been coming for some time. In 2015, Indiana’s ABC57 brought hellfire down on small-town family restaurant Memories Pizza by asking if it would cater a gay wedding. In 2018, the restaurant closed permanently.

The takeover of local news vastly expands the globalist’s ability to terrorize ordinary citizens. CNN and The New York Times have massive staffs, but they can only direct their wrath at a few targets at a time, and there is some limit to how petty they can get. With local newspapers and TV stations, there is no such limit. Even a $10 donation is enough to justify an intervention and someone’s personal destruction. The pettiness is the point, and it is intended to create a chilling effect on political discourse in this nation. These efforts tell ordinary citizens that not even the mildest form of dissent is safe. A tiny donation, a single Facebook remark, or one question at a school board meeting could cost a poor pleb their privacy, their reputation, and their job.

In a sane, healthy society, donating $10 to help with any person’s criminal defense would never be a newsworthy subject. All evidence indicates that Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. He was defending himself from antifa lunatics. The criminal charges he faces are entirely political in nature.

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But it shouldn’t even matter if the opposite was true, and Rittenhouse was clearly guilty. Everyone in America has the right to the presumption of innocence and to defend themselves from criminal allegations. By extension, every American has the right to help somebody else defend themselves from criminal charges.

But America is not a healthy society. It’s a sick one, where an immoral, mediocre globalist ruling class cabal is frantically clinging to power by egging on street violence and demonizing its enemies as “insurrectionists” in league with foreign powers. Their incompetence is so obvious, and their ideology so diseased, that more and more repressive means are needed to keep control.

Kyle Rittenhouse went out to defend his community from violent rioters. In the process, he defended himself. If he successfully stays out of prison, others might feel empowered to stand up to rioters as well. So needless to say, Kyle Rittenhouse must be obliterated. But that’s not enough; it must be unspeakable to even support him. Don’t want to be treated like that poor paramedic or that cop in Norfolk? Better not send money to some wrongly-persecuted teenager.

That’s why reporters like Jason Nguyen exist. His job isn’t to deliver truth to the masses or speak truth to power. It’s to serve as a political commissar for a dominant elite and keep the rebellious public in line.  He’s proven that he has learned well from urchins like Brandy Zadrozny, Taylor Lorenz, Oliver Darcy, Jeremy Barr, and literally dozens if not hundreds of others.

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Someday, Nguyen may be appointed to their ranks in acknowledgment of his service. Or maybe not. There are always more leftist parasites eager to be paid tattletales than there actually are jobs for all of them.

Americans are taught growing up that their system of criminal justice is something that sets the country apart from authoritarian regimes past and present. Indeed, it’s one of the most important pieces of Anglo-Saxon heritage in American life. Of course, Republican leaders will not even stand up for our Anglo-Saxon heritage and traditions anymore, but that’s besides the point.

This system, Americans are told, gives them a right to legal representation, a right to a trial by an impartial jury, a right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. These rights, we are told, are supposed to set us apart from China and other Oriental despotisms.

But the powers that be are rendering this a sham. Bit by bit, a globalist coalition of media, corporate, and government power is being used to destroy these ancient and critical Anglo-Saxon rights. We saw that in the recent Derek Chauvin trial as well, of course.

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They call this shift “progress.” When lawyers are threatened so they don’t take unpopular clients, when expert witnesses fear retribution for their testimony, when jurors fear for their safety if they rule incorrectly, when prosecutors make a mockery of double jeopardy rules, and when journalists dox anyone financing a legal defense, then “justice” is as fake as any Moscow show trial.

Ted Nguyen is horrible. But he’s only the foot soldier of a far more monstrous globalist hydra that threatens to strangle our great nation.


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