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One of the most important political themes Revolver covers is the complete weaponization of America’s national security apparatus against its own people — particularly Trump supporters.

Unfortunately, propaganda is no exception to this trend. The emergence and seeming ubiquity of so-called “disinformation” journalists represents the application of psychological and information warfare concepts domestically, in order to attack, censor, and pre-empt narratives contradicting the agenda of our corrupt ruling class.

Like many government functions, much of this psychological warfare portfolio has been outsourced to the private and civil society sector — NGOs such as the Atlantic Council, German Marshall Fund, and a little known but nefarious “hoax for hire” organization called Bellingcat.

This last group Bellingcat teamed up with NBC in what promised to be a bombshell expose of the evil and nefarious “Capitol Siege” of January 6th.

Revolver News’ Darren Beattie took to Twitter last night to watch this farce so you don’t have to.

Below are highlights of the hilarious twitter thread chronicling Bellingcat’s train wreck documentary in real-time:

Read the entire thread here:

Even without watching the documentary, one can gather from the thread how weak Bellingcat’s case is. Their evidence of an “insurrection” was so flimsy that they resorted to an interview with a Democrat Capitol Police officer who speculated about what “might have been” — that is, what might have been had the Capitol Police not ended the insurrection by shooting Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

If the big conclusion is ominous speculation about what “might have been”, the hidden and embarrassing implication is there was a whole lot of nothing. 

As to the disgraced “hoax for hire” organization Bellingcat itself, Revolver is just getting started. Those of you attuned to Steve Bannon’s War Room show will note Beattie’s initial exposure of this UK-based intel cutout and its role in the propaganda war against Trump supporters.

Stay tuned as always to Revolver News for much more on Bellingcat and other NGOs prosecuting the propaganda war against Trump supporters on behalf of our national security apparatus.

Again, if you thought the first War on Terror was dumb, dysfunctional, and unethical, wait until you get a load of War on Terror 2.0 starring you and the 74 million Americans who voted just like you.

Strap in and stay informed. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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