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While everyone was distracted, America has became a country of reparations. Some people are being taxed, and others are being rewarded, based solely on their skin color. Most conservatives will protest this as abhorrent. Some with weak principles will construct post-hoc explanations for how reparations are in fact defensible.

Neither response is correct. As America slides into a new racial caste system, the best response is to for every citizen to exploit this system as much as possible.

More on this recommendation soon. For a fuller sense of how the reparations issue has metastasized and normalized, we will consider some recent conspicuous examples.

The rich Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois has become the first (but certainly not last) city in America to implement explicit race-based reparations.

Under the program’s first phase, qualifying residents would get $25,000 to use toward homeownership, home improvement and mortgage assistance, Simmons said. To qualify, residents must either have lived in or been a direct descendant of a Black person who lived in Evanston between 1919 to 1969 who suffered discrimination in housing because of city ordinances, policies or practices. [NBC News]

Meanwhile, the newly-passed stimulus package includes special race-based reparations for black farmers, and only black farmers:

Hidden inside President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill is a special program that will dole out race-based cash to black farmers, says GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

“In this bill, if you’re a farmer, your loan will be forgiven up to 120 percent … if you’re African American, some other minority,” Graham told Fox News last week. “But if you’re a white person … no forgiveness.”

The American Rescue Plan sets aside $10.4 billion for agriculture support, with about half of that amount set aside for minority farmers, according to reports.

That means any farmer who has been “subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice because of their identity as members of a group” will be entitled to extra federal funds on top of reimbursements they claim for losses due to the pandemic. [NY Post]

The bill earned a rebuke from civil rights attorney Leo Terrell on Hannity, who pointed out that handouts based on race undermine the entire concept of racial equality.

Sadly, Terrell’s voice is not going to carry the day.

This is only the beginning. Seven years ago, when Ta-Nehisi Coates published “The Case for Reparations” in The Atlantic, reparations were still understood as a fanciful idea. Demanding them was seen in more metaphorical terms, as a call for greater assistance to black Americans. But liberalism is always a slippery slope, so seven years later wild fancy has become cold-blooded reality. California has convened a commission to “study” reparations. Amherst, Massachusetts is close to a plan of its own. The Jesuit religious order has pledged $100 million to racial reparations. Thoroughly ridiculous academic papers, wildly claiming that reparations would have mitigated the coronavirus pandemic, are clearly peer review and getting published, with the names of Harvard professors attached.

The onrushing tide cannot be resisted. Reparations will be more and more common, and they will be rewarded to favored classes based on racial descent.

Some may mistakenly believe that reparations offer a way out of America’s deadly maelstrom of identity politics. Perhaps one dramatic settling of accounts, at a price tag of several trillion dollars, is superior to decades of cyclical animosity and bitterness. If reparations would actually work that way, they might even work from a purely pragmatic perspective.

But the reality, of course, is that once begun, reparations will never really stop. Consider one form of de facto reparations that already exists, race-based affirmative action. In 2003’s Grutter v. Bollinger, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor predicted that after 25 years racial preferences would no longer be needed in America. The nation is three-quarters of the way to O’Connor’s time limit. But racial preferences aren’t fading away at all. They are spread further than ever. Admissions have been warped, not just at elite universities, but even at high schools and middle schools, both public and private. The U.S. military has ordered commanders to make promotions with a focus on diversity rather than merit, and is getting rid of quantitative evaluations to make that easier. The U.S. government openly awards contracts with preferences given to particular groups. Companies like Uber flout the law with overt racial discrimination without consequence.

Reparations will never end, because reparations are not actually about righting historical wrongs. They are about the present. Reparations are a revolt against modern inequality, and the belief that sufficient government action can abolish it. In reality, of course, humans are not identical, and the only way to create forced equality is through the “equal sharing of misery,” as Churchill called it.

Against this grossly unjust, corrupt, and unconstitutional new order, there is only one solution: exploit it.

As the system becomes an exploitative scam, the only valid path forward is to outscam the scammers.

Reparations and race-based set-asides is built on the credulous goodwill of those who are propping it up. For decades, ordinary Americans have naively assumed their government is basically fair and will look out for them. Now, the lie has been exposed. America is evolving into a racial caste system, where some are rewarded and others punished entirely on fundamental traits.

Fortunately, this monstrous system has one grave weakness – Its own ideological incoherence. The left wishes to reward and punish based on the fundamental building blocks of identity, but it is also so postmodern that it cannot articulate objective standards for these identities.

Consider that for five years, Ben Jealous was trotted out as the head of the NAACP, despite looking about as black as Christopher Cuomo:

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Consider that Shaun King, aka Talcum X, aka Thurgood Partial, aka Martin Luther Cream, aka Tupac Sugar, aka Snow J. Simpson, aka Cream Abdul Jabbar, is trotted out as a leader of the black activist community.

Photo: Penn State

So what are you waiting for? The entire system is a fraud. Your enemies, devoid of principles, are exploiting it every day. There is no honor in playing by the rules of an immoral unjust and illegitimate system — and make no mistake, that is just what we live under in the Globalist American Empire. A century ago, black Americans evaded the injustice of Jim Crow by “passing” as white. Today, America is reviving segregation and racism as an official part of government policy, and once again, “passing” and deception are perfect tools of resistance.

So go wild. When reparations come to your town or your institution, do everything you can to get a cut. When your children apply to college, shave their heads and give them a tan and claim they are proud of their partial African heritage. It worked for Mindy Kaling’s brother, an Indian-American who pretended to be black to get into med school.

If you can’t get away with that, claim Hispanic lineage from Mexico or, better yet, Central America. Hispanic isn’t even a real race, so literally anybody can qualify. So what if you can’t prove it? Most people don’t have detailed family trees. Your family lore says it’s true. If family lore was enough to launch Elizabeth Warren’s career, it’s good enough for you.

Will there be backlash to this? Oh, absolutely. It’s inevitable. People have been scamming the affirmative action system in Brazil for years. Officials have fought back by resurrecting 19th-century racial science:

The Department of Education in Para, Brazil’s blackest state, attempted to fulfill the decree with a checklist, which leaked to the press. Among the criteria to be scored: Is the job candidate’s nose short, wide and flat? How thick are their lips? Are their gums sufficiently purple? What about their lower jaw? Does it protrude forward? Candidates were to be awarded points per item, like “hair type” and “skull shape.” In response to the leaked test, one college professor from the state wrote on Facebook, “We’re going back to the slave trade. During job interviews they’re gonna stick their hands in our mouth to inspect our teeth.”

But black activists say such measures are unavoidable. “A person who does not look phenotypically black is not the one getting killed by police every 23 minutes,” said Santos, the law student and Coletivo Negrada member. “So long as this is how racism manifests itself here, we need to ensure that the people taking up admission spots in universities are the ones with these characteristics.”[Foreign Policy]

Even if these farcical practices came to America, it wouldn’t be enough to bring down the new racial hierarchy being imposed on the country. But it would put it nakedly on display, which is one crucial prerequisite for tearing it down completely and ultimately replacing it with something better.

Stop lending the system the legitimacy it craves. Treat it for what it is — a corrupt monstrosity to be scammed. Let the games begin.

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