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Guest Post by Ronald Jones

We are days away from what may be the most contentious receipt of electoral votes in American history. That is because the battleground states that all mysteriously stopped counting in the middle of the night on November 3 remain in contention, notwithstanding the media’s preferences. Depending on the state, thousands or tens of thousands of ballots could be fraudulent, and those votes are the margin of victory in this presidential election. Such charges are, of course, very serious, but so is the evidence, and it is voluminous.

Since November 3, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, dozens — if not hundreds — of individuals have provided sworn depositions and testified at state-level oversight hearings that they witnessed fraud or were threatened to prevent mail-in ballot scrutiny. Witnesses and tech experts have also sworn in statements and at hearings that the software from several companies that was used to “process” votes and provide vote projections, including Dominion and Smartmatic, was literally designed to alter election results, and has also been demonstrated to do so in tests and audits.

Some of this evidence, including the mail-in ballot envelopes and even the data from some of the voting equipment in question, was quickly destroyed to prevent further review, and there have been no consequences for this destruction. Key state-level government officials, including some very weak (or corrupt) Republicans, have done their level best to prevent greater scrutiny of their elections and the people and machinery involved.

Some have even testified that the software at issue was developed with the aid of Venezuela, the People’s Republic of China, and other powers that would love to damage us and our way of life.

In short, the evidence indicates that something vast and troubling happened on November 3. The totality of what has emerged is that we may have witnessed, for the first time in our Nation’s history, the outright theft of a presidential election.

Fortunately, the geniuses that were our Founding Fathers invented a system of government that anticipated the flaws of men. They may not have foreseen the impact of foreign powers and computer software on domestic elections, but they created a system designed to amplify the power of representative government, and ensure that our elected officials created several lines of defense between us and the tyrannical tendencies of other forms of government.

The final line of defense in the system they created is the United States Congress. In a situation where members of Congress have concerns about whether a given state’s electoral votes were corrupted, they can object when those electoral votes are presented to Congress. If Congress ultimately rejects one or more states’ electoral votes, and those rejected electoral votes are enough to deny any presidential candidate the requisite 270 electoral votes, the House of Representatives must vote, by state delegation, to decide whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden (whose side appears to have embraced mass election fraud) will be our next president.

I’ll be blunt: Americans who want to send a strong signal that election fraud is unacceptable and that our elections must be treated as sacred must send a crystal-clear message to every Republican member of Congress, senators and representatives alike. That message must be: You must all vote for election integrity in January, when the electoral votes come to Congress, or you are going home.

The message to Republican senators (especially the two who are asking for your vote in a January run-off election, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler) specifically needs to be: We, your voters, expect you to publicly express, right now, your intent to object to the slates of electors from states were there has been voluminous evidence of fraud, and we will read your silence as your retirement announcement.

Similarly, the message to Republican representatives needs to be: We, your voters, expect you to publicly express, right now, your intent to vote for Donald Trump if and when the states vote for president by state delegation, and we will read your silence, or a “no” vote for President Trump (or an abstention), as your retirement announcement.

There are far too many Republicans in Congress who view their destinies as separate from those of President Trump and other Republicans. They are sadly mistaken. This is not about Never Trumpers, nor is this about the historic lack of party discipline that is generally fatal to Republican success, although both are problems. Rather, this goes to a fundamental misunderstanding of what is actually at stake here, and only unity of effort will ensure that Republicans ever have a shot at winning office — any office — again.

The American left appears to have done what was once thought to be impossible, based on the voluminous and, in my opinion, credible evidence we have been presented to date. It does appear that they have, through very adept manipulation of people, media, and technology, stolen a presidential election by manipulating just enough of what they needed in key battleground states to make the difference.

Congressional Republicans need to realize that, in the current environment, they face a very real threat to their continued ability to hold office, in Washington and just about elsewhere else. That threat is twofold.

The first is that any senator or representative who won’t stand up in this moment will face such opposition at home from Trump supporters and others who are deeply troubled by election fraud that they might as well not run again. They will almost assuredly face primary opposition that is cut from the Trump cloth, possibly with Donald Trump’s blessing.

The second, however, has nothing to do with real voters, and is far more existential. Any elected Republican official who turns a blind eye to the fraud now, in this moment, and does not do everything they can to prevent the questionable practices that marred this election from occurring in the future, is guaranteed to lose in the future. Put another way: if the modern left can steal a presidential election, they can — and will — steal your election.

A world in which Republicans do not put their foot down now and do everything they can in this moment to stop election theft is a world where a Republican will not even be able to be elected dog catcher.

Ronald Jones  is the pseudonym of a White House official currently serving in the Trump Administration.

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