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On Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray promoted Steven M. D’Antuono to head the Bureau’s Washington Field Office.

Steven M. D’Antuono, who was named chief of the Detroit FBI office a year ago, has been promoted to head the Washington Field Office, a coveted post in the bureau.

FBI Director Christopher Wray made the announcement Tuesday, just several days after D’Antuono’s agents and state police busted up a plot to abduct Gov. Gretechen Whitmer. His official new title is assistant director in charge. [Deadline Detroit]

Heading the D.C. field office is one of the most coveted posts in law enforcement. It’s the second-largest FBI field office, trailing only New York City.

D’Antuono had only been running the Detroit office for about a year prior to this prestigious promotion. His most prestigious case by far climaxed just last week, as it was D’Antuono’s agents who helped arrest 13 men for allegedly plotting to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Democrats and the press, who want to downplay months of rioting and mayhem by the left, used the highly-publicized  arrests to blame the right for political violence.

Despite the high profile nature of the case, D’Antuono’s agents couldn’t describe any detailed plan for the kidnapping the men were supposedly plotting. How did they expect to capture the governor? How did they expect to get her all the way to Wisconsin, or to the middle of Lake Michigan on a boat, as they supposedly planned to do? The FBI has so far failed to provide answers to these questions.

The media has attempted to frame the alleged kidnappers as Trump supporters, though the following video surfaced of one of the alleged kidnappers referring to Trump as a “tyrant.”

The heavily politicized nature of the alleged kidnapping case, and its suspicious timing, raise concerns about Christopher Wray’s promotion of D’Antuono to one of the Bureau’s most important offices.

In context, however, this move isn’t surprising. After a summer of riots and revolutionary activities by Antifa and BLM, FBI director Wray claimed that “white supremacist” terrorism is the biggest threat to America’s well-being, followed by Russian agents.

Wray’s FBI has repeatedly stonewalled Congressional efforts to investigate the Russia hoax or Joe Biden’s corrupt son Hunter.

Unsurprisingly, Wray is now a favorite of the Democrats. Not only did Kamala Harris and Joe Biden praise him during their presidential debates, but Wray supplied Biden’s talking point that Antifa is merely an “idea,” and not a dangerous revolutionary insurrection.

When the anti-police party of “mostly peaceful protests” is stealing the FBI director’s talking points, it’s proof that said director needs to go.

Yet Attorney General Bill Barr has done nothing to encourage a change in Wray’s behavior or in the FBI’s leadership. That’s hardly a surprise. “Doing nothing” is Barr’s favored approach to running the DOJ.

Indeed, the problems with the FBI and its Director Christopher Wray serve to highlight a larger problem with Bill Barr’s Department of Justice.

As Revolver reported months ago, Barr is simply too scared to activate the Department of Justice in a manner necessary to put down the Antifa riots and bring the Russia hoaxers to justice.

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Despite having two years to get the bottom of things, Barr hasn’t even finished his department’s investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax. Even though that sham investigation dominated Trump’s first term, and is a key issue in November’s vote, voters won’t have a complete picture of what happened. If Joe Biden becomes president, voters may never see the final report at all, and they most certainly won’t see any substantial prosecutions.

In fact, none of the people who so flagrantly politicized the DOJ during and after the 2016 election have faced real consequences. Peter Strzok just released his first book, which hysterically doubles down on the Russian collusion story. James Comey is about to release his second book. Lisa Page has a contract with NBC. Andy McCabe has a contract with CNN. Former FBI general counsel James Baker is now a top lawyer for Twitter, where he tells them how to suppress anti-Biden stories without running afoul of the law.

Barr hasn’t even found a way to charge Mueller team member Andrew Weissmann for deliberately wiping his cell phone to keep its contents from being exposed to the American people.

If Barr’s excuse for doing nothing is to avoid prosecuting political actors so close to the election, then it hasn’t stopped him from trying to prosecute Republicans.

The President of the United States is the head of the executive branch of government, and he cannot govern effectively with figures like Bill Barr and Christopher Wray in charge of key executive posts. Wray’s promotion of D’Antuono simply serves to reinforce the extent to which the FBI — and by extension the DOJ — is failing the President and the American people. It is well past time for President Trump to fully activate the executive branch — including the DOJ and FBI — against Russiagate criminals, Antifa, and the censorious overlords of Big Tech. Barr must also ensure that anyone opposed must either get in line or get out of the way.


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