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An energized and rapidly recovering President Trump took to Twitter this morning to unleash a blistering wave of tweets. The missives from the president laid out very clearly the case for his re-election. President Trump’s tweets may remind voters what is at stake in this election, as the president’s message draws a sharp contrast to Joe Biden’s pro-war, pro-corporation, pro-crime, anti-worker, anti-Christian agenda.

If you’ll recall, Joe Biden could not even bear to say the words “law and order” in the debate, and he could not name a single law enforcement agency that has endorsed him.

Joe Biden has given no indication that he will bring our troops home. Old Joe brought us the Iraq War, and he has cuddled up to the Never Trump neocons who propagandized America into that quagmire.

Joe Biden may claim to be a “practicing Catholic,” but he wants to inflict transsexuals on Americans, force nuns to provide birth control, and vastly expand abortion with the use of federal funds. Furthermore, he chose the vehemently anti-Catholic polytheist Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

Joe Biden has said he will let the gun-grabbing whackjob Beto O’Rourke decide his policy on the Second Amendment. And his running mate, Kamala Harris, actually wants to seize and confiscate rifles from law-abiding Americans.

President Trump isn’t really running against Joe Biden. He’s running against the fake and corrupt news media, the globalists, the special interests, the military-industrial complex, and the racist anti-white Marxists who want to “dismantle” our country like a stolen car at a chop shop.

It goes without saying that Joe Biden never really believed in the pro-life position despite claiming to be a Catholic. A righteous priest in South Carolina even denied him Holy Communion last year thanks to his abortion position.

At least in the past, Biden supported the Hyde amendment which banned federal funding for abortions. But just in the past year, Biden has flip-flopped, caving to the Radical Left demonic abortion-lovers. Joe Biden is now one of the most pro-abortion politicians in the nation.

Under President Trump, our beloved veterans are finally getting the help they need and deserve. According to a survey from last year, 74 percent of veterans have seen improvements at their local VA facility, and 91 percent said they would recommend VA care, up from 80 percent the year before.

These are just a few of the highlights. The rest of the tweets are listed here, and there is something for everyone in them.

The president also tweeted out a strong endorsement from a union worker’s son.

The president is clearly recovering at a rapid clip.

Unlike President Trump, Joe Biden has only released the typical vague promises we would expect from a quintessential career politician. Biden clearly prefers to hide his unpopular globalist, pro-war, pro-corporation, open border, special interest, anti-worker agenda under a torrent of blather about “decency” and the “soul” of America.

It’s no wonder Biden supporters can’t name a single thing he would do once in office.

Biden is a black box. If he gets into office, we can expect more stagnation, more depression, more raw sewage flowing into our nation’s culture, and more handouts to cosmopolitan, coastal special interests while Heartland America eats cake and bleeds out.

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