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Anyone who has ever watched Fox News knows that John Roberts and Chris Wallace are two of their leading “news” figures who are supposed to be impartial, objective, and accurate. Sadly, the disgraceful recent behavior of these two once-towering giants of the newsroom has reduced them to petty, gibbering midgets.

Fox News is dangerously close to sailing into the Bermuda Triangle of anti-Trump derangement, and if they escape these uncharted waters, they may not do so with their credibility intact. You know it, I know it, and the vast majority of American patriots know it.

Mike Wallace’s unimpressive son “Chris” was awful as a moderator for all of Tuesday night’s debate, but his worst moment came when he largely ignored months of rioting by the far left across America. Instead, he blamed mythical “white supremacists” and “militias” for “adding to” the violence in cities. He pulled this stunt solely to generate another story about the president “refusing” to condemn white supremacists.

The claim that Trump “refuses to condemn white supremacists” is a lie, built on earlier lies. President Trump has always condemned white supremacists, including on Tuesday night:

Chris Wallace: Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland?

Trump: Sure, I’m willing to do that. [Breitbart]

It doesn’t matter. The left is too addicted to the lie to let reality intrude, so they repeat it over and over again.

That is all to be expected. Inexcusably, other reporters at Fox News are going along with this lie. During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Fox White House reporter John Roberts ridiculously badgered press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for more disavowals.

It’s impossible to figure out what more Roberts could possibly have wanted. McEnany supplied four distinct examples of President Trump explicitly condemning white supremacy, including twice in the past two days. But Roberts is infected with a brain virus, the same one the left has, that makes him unable to assimilate basic facts that undermine a preset narrative.

After the briefing, Roberts appeared on Fox to screech about the president’s “deflection”:

John Roberts’ meltdown isn’t some brave display of honesty. It’s one of the most cringeworthy things ever aired on Fox in its 24-year history. It would be embarrassing at any time. But at this exact moment, it is inexcusable. His entire emotional non-argument was destroyed by McEnany in a single tweet.

For four months Americans have watched in terror as an Antifa and Black Lives Matter-led revolution tries to topple their country. Extremists have torn down beloved monuments, forced propaganda into schools, driven people out of their jobs, and burned and looted downtowns across the country. The vast majority of America’s media apparatus supports this wholeheartedly. To keep the revolution going, they have consistently downplayed or justified its actions in an effort to force it on an unwilling country.

This ought to be by far the biggest issue in the fall election. Fox News is the only outlet that could make that happen. They are by far the largest news organization that isn’t wholly under the control of the left, with real power to shape what is considered important and what is irrelevant.

The network ought to be covering this attempted anti-American revolution and Biden’s de facto support for it relentlessly. Instead, the network’s newsroom is joining in the left’s excited delirium about white supremacy.

Far-left district attorneys have played a key role in the attempted left-wing revolution. These extremist DAs ensure that dangerous criminals go free, while waging lawfare on any who try to defend their homes, businesses, or neighborhoods. Many of these DAs hold office thanks to financial support from billionaire George Soros. But when Newt Gingrich tried to say as much on Fox, he was shut down:

What is happening at Fox? It’s simple. While Fox’s viewers and some of its opinion shows may be conservative, much of its newsroom is mentally subservient to the left. They accept the left’s narratives and moral framework of events. So, if the left says that riots are mostly peaceful and that phantom “white supremacists” are the threat, they believe it. If the left says that criticizing one of the world’s richest men for bankrolling far-left extremism is off the table, then off the table it goes.

None of this improves Fox’s standing with the managerial, occupational ruling class. They will still be hated by the left for harboring real dissidents like Tucker Carlson. Having mentally weak reporters who further the left’s narratives doesn’t make the network more “balanced.” It just sabotages the network’s ability to actually construct its own narratives that can outcompete the left.

Fox’s failure is representative of greater failings of the right. The right will never be a winning political movement so long as it meekly submits to the dogmas and narratives of the left. There is absolutely no reason it should.

America has hundreds of media outlets. The vast majority of them hold identical views on every issue of importance. They also see it as their moral duty to police and stamp out any opposition to globalism and oligarchic monopoly rule. Fox News is by far the most powerful media outlet capable of resisting this stifling political and moral totalitarian conformity. But right now, the network is instead aiding and abetting the left’s deranged argument for dismantling America as we know it.

The modern left has abandoned every value that once defined Western civilization.  They have thrown out any respect for justice, beauty, truth, goodness, fairness, law, order, our Christian religion, and even Jesus Christ himself. They have thrown away freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of conscience. They want equality under the law replaced with a new intersectional moral hierarchy that privileges “Latinx transsexuals.” They have trashed the scientific method in favor of political dogmas and “lived experience.”

The modern left are not the heirs of the traditions and achievements that make us great, but its destroyers. It’s time that Fox hires courageous reporters with integrity who can see that.

If the American people want to hear unhinged, Never Trump rants they can go anywhere else. The whole purpose of Fox is to be the one place where patriotic Americans can hear a “fair and balanced” perspective. Fox still has many great hosts who live up to this motto, like Tucker Carlson—the most popular host on cable by far.

Instead of currying favor with the rest of the corporate media by wallowing in yet more deranged lies that insult both our people and our President, Fox should take a cue from Tucker and focus on maintaining popularity with the American people by telling the truth.

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