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Guest Post by Moxie Russo

Nobody knows exactly where Hunter Biden is at the moment, but we all know where his laptop is … It’s at The New York Post. And thanks to a couple bombshell reports from The Post, we’re starting to get an idea of the gold mine that’s sitting on his hard drive.

In a nutshell, we’ve learned that Hunter Biden made a lot of money selling “VP access” to business folks in Ukraine and China.

The money Hunter raked in from his pay-to-play scam afforded him a wild and degenerate lifestyle, complete with hookers, strippers, and all the crack his little lungs could handle.

However, like most junkies, Hunter got sloppy, and when he took his laptop in for repair, it set into motion a string of events that would eventually lead to the opening of a Pandora’s Box straight from the bowels of ‘October Surprise’ hell.

The chain of events that led to the opening of Hunter’s Pandora’s Box is murky, but from we can piece together, the computer repair guy who was fixing Hunter’s laptop stumbled across something so alarming that he contacted the FBI, who, in turn, confiscated the laptop.

Prior to the FBI taking possession of the laptop, the computer repair guy made a copy of the hard drive. Now, for all we know, this could have been done as part of the repair process – but either way, a copy was made.

A year or so passed and the computer repair guy hadn’t heard anything back from the FBI so he reportedly reached out to Senator Mike Lee’s office. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear back from him either. At some point along the way, the computer repair guy was put in touch with Rudy Giuliani, who did respond back, and probably realized he just hit the political jackpot.

Rudy has told us that what we’re seeing now is just the “tip of the iceberg,” and he promises a lot more bombshells to come over the next several days.

I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming political show — however — I’m already convinced that there’s a dark and seedy bombshell sitting right in front of our faces that’s going largely unnoticed.

I did a bit of digging around because I was curious about how this laptop dropped into Rudy’s hands, and in my research, I stumbled upon an article in “Business Insider” that held a very interesting nugget of information.

The article is titled, “The New York Post inadvertently revealed the original source of its dubious Hunter Biden story.” That immediately caught my eye, so I delved into the piece and towards the end of the article I spotted my little “bombshell.”

The Business Insider piece was seeking the same thing I was: dirt on how this whole thing went down. Their people examined many of the documents that were recovered off the hard drive and published in The New York Post piece, and they believe that based on those examinations they’ve identified the FBI agent who issued the subpoena for Hunter’s laptop.

His name is reportedly Joshua Wilson and he works out of the FBI’s satellite office in downtown Willmington. Mr. Wilson is an FBI agent best known for his work in the “child pornography” division of the bureau.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Here’s a blip from the Business Insider article:

This analysis also suggests the subpoena was served by an FBI agent based out of the bureau’s satellite office in downtown Wilmington. The name of the agent, though not 100% legible, appears to be “Joshua Wilson.” Over the past decade, a number of news outlets have quoted or described an FBI agent with the same name.

Last year, The Star-Ledger newspaper described him as “an FBI agent based in New Jersey who has spent nearly five years working full time on child pornography.” In 2012, the same Joshua Wilson signed a criminal complaint that charged a New Jersey man with collecting and distributing child pornography. The signature on that complaint clearly matches the unreversed signature on the subpoena published by the New York Post.

It’s unclear whether the FBI employs more than one agent named Joshua Wilson. But the available evidence seems to show the Joshua Wilson who signed the subpoena for Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Joshua Wilson who investigates child pornography for the FBI are the same person. This raises the possibility, not explored by the Post, that the FBI issued the subpoena for reasons unrelated to Hunter Biden’s role in Ukraine and Burisma.

So, this raises the very obvious question: Did the computer repair guy stumble upon child pornography on Hunter’s laptop and contact the FBI as a result?

Did he keep a copy of the hard drive as the only remaining evidence of Hunter’s crimes in case the Veeps kid got off scot-free?

Honestly, it doesn’t sound all that Q-ish, does it?

But there’s a bit more I want to share with you.

After I read that article, I was perusing the internet once more and I happened upon another interesting nugget that might just back up this theory.

It came by way of OANN reporter Chanel Rion, who sent out a tweet after seeing the actual contents of Hunter’s laptop for herself.

Here’s what she said: “Just saw for myself a behind the scenes look at the #HunterBiden hard drive: Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals… Druggie Hunter makes Anthony Weiner’s down under selfie addiction look normal. #BidenCrimeFamily has a lot of apologizing to do. So does Big Tech.”

“Drugs, underage obsessions, power deals…”

“Underage obsessions” is the phrase that jumped out at me. It sounds to me like Chanel is possibly talking about someone having a sexual fetish for minors.

I think that’s a reasonable assumption and it could be another key piece to this very disturbing puzzle.

Hopefully, over the next coming days, more will become clear and we’ll start to see the entire picture of Hunter and Joe’s scandals and crimes emerge.

But as it stands now, it looks like Hunter Biden could be the next “Anthony Weiner” on steroids.

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