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In late July Revolver News was the first to expose GOP swamp creature and Big Tech darling Michael O’Rielly, the Trump Administration’s pick at the time for a top FCC post.

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Just days after the initial Revolver report, and partially on account of the influence of said report, President Trump wisely decided to pull Michael O’Rielly’s name for consideration. After some time, the Trump Administration  announced its intention to nominate Nathan Simington to the top FCC post:

The nomination of Nathan Simington, a senior adviser at the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), comes after the White House abruptly announced in early August it was withdrawing the nomination of Republican FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly to serve another term. [Reuters]

Simington is completely aligned with the President’s thinking on the importance of stopping Big Tech censorship, as well as the mechanism to do so using Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as a leverage tool.

Unfortunately, South Dakota Republican Senator Thune is now making every effort to delay Simington’s appointment, even calling for the reinstatement of O’Rielly—who, as Revolver originally reported, is not aligned with President Trump’s strategy to bring censorious Big Tech to heel using Section 230.

Here is the problem with O’Rielly:

A regulator whose vote could be needed to advance President Donald Trump’s order to reduce legal protections for Twitter Inc. and other social media companies has expressed doubt about the change.

Michael O’Rielly, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission that’s slated to write the social-media rules, said he wasn’t sure the agency has power to grant Trump’s request. Republicans hold a 3-2 edge at the FCC.

“Did Congress provide us authority to act?” O’Reilly said in an interview for the C-Span television show “The Communicators.” O’Rielly said he hadn’t taken a position on the merits of the issue [Detroit News]

This raises the question: Why is Republican Senator Thune, who professes to oppose Big Tech censorship, going out of his way to reinstate a Big Tech friendly swamp operative who has explicitly expressed disapproval of the President’s stated strategy to fight Big Tech censorship?

Revolver News would love to know the answer to this and has reached out to Senator Thune for comment. Sources close to the matter tell Revolver News that Thune is friends with former google CEO Eric Schmidt, which may explain some of Thune’s strange new respect for disgraced Big Tech favorite Michael O Rielly.

Revolver News trusts that the President will follow his excellent instincts on the matter—the same instincts that compelled him to withdraw O’Rielly’s name from consideration in the first place, and ensure the speedy confirmation of Simington as a far more suitable replacement.

Yesterday the President expressed displeasure at Twitter’s censorship policies.

And the day before Hillary Clinton all but explicitly ordered her Democrat allies in the Big Tech industry to help tip the scales in favor of Joe Biden through censorship of so-called “disinformation”—that is, any information that the Biden camp doesn’t want the American people to see.

When it comes to stopping Big Tech censorship the stakes have never been higher or more urgent. It is all the more imperative then that Big Tech friendlies such as Michael O’Rielly be kept far away from the helm of power and influence.

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