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Kentucky authorities deserve to be praised. While under relentless pressure from the totalitarian left to sacrifice innocent men to the mob and press murder charges against the police who shot and killed Breonna Taylor, they resisted. Now, as the storm clouds of yet another violent Antifa riot gather over the tense Louisville sky, it’s their job, and the job of the federal government, to protect the innocent citizens of Kentucky from the destructive and potentially deadly force of the violent rioters. The DOJ and local police forces could take some inspiration from the words of President Trump: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” If violent riots break out in Louisville in the days to come, authorities have a moral duty to stop those riots with force, including deadly force if necessary.

To understand the full context of the emerging riots, we return to their pretext—the refusal of the state to abuse its power and falsely charge Louisville police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. To the left wing mobs, it didn’t matter that the police were executing a completely legal search warrant. It didn’t matter that Taylor’s boyfriend shot at police before the police fired a single shot. The facts of the shooting were irrelevant, just like they were irrelevant for Kyle Rittenhouse, Garret Rolfe, and Jake Gardner. The mob wasn’t demanding justice. It was demanding retaliation.

Even professional baseball teams were enlisted into this demented effort:

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron refused to budge. In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Cameron delivered only the truth: That while Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy that should not have happened, it also was not a crime.

“If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice,” Cameron said. A search warrant for Taylor’s apartment was legally granted, and the officers followed the law in executing it. They only fired their weapons when they were fired upon.

Black Lives Matter activists have complained for months that Taylor was killed in a no-knock raid. Cameron debunked this viral falsehood.

Rather than bring unjustified murder charges as demanded by the mob, or trying to placate them with manslaughter charges, Cameron announced only three charges of wanton endangerment against officer Brett Hankison.

These charges are entirely fair. Unlike his colleagues, Hankison was not fired upon, and his response to the situation was to wildly fire into the apartment complex. According to authorities, his shots went into three separate apartments besides Taylor’s, putting several people at risk. Charging him is at least justifiable, and a court of law will determine his guilt or innocence. Police officers have the right to defend themselves while executing the law, but they must exercise basic caution to avoid hurting innocent people.

It is almost certain that tonight, and perhaps for several days to come, radical “activists” and criminal elements will start widespread riots in Louisville. If they do, they will be fully supported by the progressive ruling class and their running dogs in the press, who will describe the rioting as “mostly peaceful.” Already, the bluecheck mafia is flagrantly egging on “protesters” with hysterical tweets accusing the police of getting away with murder.

At almost the exact moment Cameron was giving his press conference, a U-Haul truck rolled into downtown Louisville. An overweight white woman named Holly Zoller passed out rioting materials to the gleeful mob.

Antifa and other forces hostile to civilization have salivated for months over the Taylor case. They see another opportunity to rip down civilization in the guise of seeking “justice.” Powerful people want Louisville to burn, and they want the infection to spread to cities across the country, just as the George Floyd riots did. Kentucky’s next task is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Leaders who maintain law and order are the most merciful leaders of all, because they spare citizens the horrors inflicted by society’s predators. A leader who lets criminals go free and rioters unpunished is not showing mercy–instead, he is abandoning his citizens in the most cruel and reckless manner imaginable.

The weakness of Democrat leaders has already borne fruit in cities around the country which are now erupting with violence after riots completely shattered the fragile fabric of law and order.

Chicago had almost as many murders by the end of August as it had in all of 2019. In New York, shootings have doubled and murders are up by a third. Portland had its deadliest month in 30 years. Thousands of businesses have been gutted and destroyed, their owners’ lives ruined, with nary a mention from a national press. The left wants this same trauma inflicted on Louisville. If they have their way, it will mean dozens of unnecessary deaths, and hundreds of ruined businesses and ruined lives.

When weak leaders undermine the authority of law enforcement, then naturally, police officers refrain from doing their job for fear or prosecution, bodily injury, or death. Criminals then have free reign, and the shooting starts. Paul Cassell of the Wall Street Journal has dubbed this phenomenon the ‘Minneapolis Effect.’

The antipolice protests that began across the country around May 27 appear to have resulted in a decline in policing directed at gun violence, producing—perhaps unsurprisingly—an increase in shootings.

The sequence of events is straightforward. George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis produced demonstrations against the police in major cities from coast to coast. As a result, officers in most cities had to be redeployed from their normal duties to help manage the protests, some of which turned violent.

Even as the demonstrations abated, what is commonly called “proactive” policing declined. Police department data show that street and vehicle stops in Minneapolis and Philadelphia dropped sharply in June. In Chicago and New York, arrests declined steeply. And in cities around the country, both law-enforcement and citizen reports suggest a general reluctance by officers to engage in hot-spot and other enforcement efforts that are most effective in deterring gun violence.

The idea that reductions in policing might be leading to more shootings has historical precedent. Heather Mac Donald proposed a “Ferguson Effect” in May 2015 to explain homicide increases in the aftermath of antipolice protests following Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo., the previous year. Similarly, my research with Richard Fowles identified declines in police street stops as the triggering event for the 2016 homicide spike in Chicago. Beginning in late 2015, pursuant to an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, Chicago police significantly reduced stop-and-frisks in the city. The result was a deadly homicide spike the following year. [Wall Street Journal]

Leaders have a moral obligation to act forcefully and decisively in the present to prevent even greater future bloodshed. Anarchy in the streets means that criminals will have free reign to murder, rape, steal, and destroy with impunity. It is far better to sacrifice a few lives in the short term while doing the right thing, than risk far greater lives of the law-abiding in the future.

The American people used to have a far greater grasp on this basic principle. President Trump, in the early days of the Burn Loot Murder riots, sent out a tweet quoting former Miami Police Chief Walter Headley.

Twitter censored his tweet, and the talking heads in the lapdog mainstream press all clucked loudly and shook their heads. President Trump was inciting violence, they said. It never occurred to the soy-guzzling class that perhaps the president was trying to create a deterrent — a disincentive that criminals would truly understand.

After nearly four straight months of rioting, it turns out that former Police Chief Headley knew exactly what he was talking about when, in 1967, he got tough with criminals who were threatening to undo the fabric of society in South Florida. It turns out that the threat of lawful and justified police violence is the only language that some members of the criminal class are able to truly understand.

Miami Police Chief Walter Headley announced Tuesday that his men will use shot-guns, dogs, and a “get tough policy” instead of community relations programs to cut crime in the city’s slums.

Headley said he is “declaring war” on criminals responsible for a sharp increase in armed robberies and shootings in Miami’s Negro areas.

“Felons will learn that they can’t be bonded out from the morgue,” he said.

He said his men have been told that any force, up to and including death, is proper when apprehending a felon.

“Community relations and all that sort of thing has failed,” Chief Headley said. “We have done everything we could, sending speakers out and meeting with Negro leaders. But it has amounted to nothing,” he said.

“We haven’t had any serious problems with civil uprisings and looting because I’ve let the word filter down that when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Chief Headley said.

His statement was in a sharp contrast to recent comments of Dade Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy who credited community relations and special personnel training for successfully preventing civil disorders.

“My men are getting tired of felons being bailed out of jail so quickly that they beat the arresting officer back to his zone,” Headley said.

He said the major group his “get tough” policy is aimed at is young Negro males, from 15 to 21.

“Ninety per cent of our Negro population is law abiding and wants to eliminate our crime problems,” he said. “But 10 per cent are young hoodlums who have taken advantage of the civil rights campaign.”

Headley said special cars will be organized with sufficient police manpower to enforce the city’s “stop and frisk law” on gangs loitering on city streets.”

He said he is transferring about half of the 16 men in the vice squad to patrols to bolster his force on the streets.

More police dogs are being sought to add to the 16 dogs now serving in the department’s canine corps.

Heavily equipped police without dogs have been unable to apprehend fleet-footed young hoodlums, Headley said. “We’re going to use shotguns and dogs to stop them from now on,” he said. 

He said the shotguns will be equipped with shells “so those on the receiving end won’t get up very quickly.”

“We don’t mind being accused of police brutality. They haven’t seen anything yet,” Chief Headley said.

“I’m taking complete responsibility for this and I just hope we get support from the people we’re trying to help.”

He said he decided on the new policy after three Miamians were killed by armed bandits over the Christmas weekend.

Asked about possible reaction from civil rights groups and other opponents of the get tough policy, Headley said, “I guess I’ll have to start carrying my pistol and not answering my phone for a few days….” [Miami Herald]

Walter Headley with his trusty shotgun.

Mayor Daley, a Democrat from Chicago, understood the principle of using deadly force to defend law, order, and ultimately civilization. He even ordered the police to shoot to kill arsonists and looters.

Back in those days, the Democratic party actually stood up for working citizens and not just scofflaws and malcontents.

Already, we are seeing the deadly and bloody costs of the Breonna Taylor riots in Louisville.

Weakness and appeasement will not solve the problem. In fact, weakness and appeasement will only cause the problem to snowball out of control. Already, the Breonna Taylor riots have gone nationwide.

The principle concern of our society is to uphold and defend law abiding citizens, families, and communities. But that will only happen if we refuse to accept or coddle evil behavior, and we obliterate violent displays of Antifa and BLM with the heavy, righteous and just hammer of law and order. Louisville can set an example for the country in the days to come: If our nation wishes to stay happy, prosperous, and safe, rioters must be crushed completely with the full weight of the American justice system. Our civilization will only ever be as strong as our will and resolve to defend it. Let the shooting start.

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