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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently set off a firestorm by attacking the display of a Catholic Saint in the U.S. Capitol Building as being an example of the ‘patriarchy’ and ‘white supremacist culture at work’. No doubt inspired by anti-colonialist teaching, AOC seemed to not know that the villain she pointed at was actually a missionary who tended to lepers and who himself caught leprosy and died from the disease. As of this writing, she hasn’t made much of an apology after learning more about the man she attacked, St. Damien of Molokai. Lenin’s Maxim of “Who? Whom?” appears to guide her own approach on the matter.

Anti-Colonialism is all the rage in the United States these past few months. Statues tumbled across the country, with Christopher Columbus being the most well-known figure to fall. Many Americans offer proclamations, denunciations, and groveling apologies to try to show themselves as the ‘good guys,’ often to try to ensure that they aren’t metaphorically lined up against the wall and shot.

Ironically, anti-colonialism is part and parcel of a larger human rights package that has successfully taken hold in the U.S. State Department. Bundled together with feminism/women’s rights, gay rights, transgender rights, and so on, U.S. foreign policy acts not only to coerce countries into accepting American “values” (which refer in practice to very new and very recent social trends), but also to enforce their adoption by way of tracking, monitoring, and punishment if they stray. In short: liberal mores adopted by U.S. foreign policy act have a colonizing effect on foreign countries.

When a country comes under the protective American umbrella of either NATO or some program akin to it, one of the first requests by the State Department is for that state to hold a Gay Pride Parade. The stated intent is to show that this country has left behind its intolerant past and willingly accepted liberal democracy and its (frequently changing) mores. The actual effect of these parades in these countries is to induce a serious distaste in the hearts and minds of the people. Locals are forced to swallow such a spectacle for fear of either losing U.S. support, or being punished for it by way of sanctions.

The State Department works hand in glove with local NGOs (more often than not foreign-funded) whose core interests coincidentally fall within the parameters of the State Department and its objectives. One of the most notorious NGOs is George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Open Society takes its inspiration from philosopher Karl Popper who wrote about the “Open Society” as an ideal based on the concept of tolerance of minorities (from ethnic to sexual and religious) combined with freedom of expression, but with the caveat that ‘intolerance’ cannot be tolerated (Popper’s Paradox). Open Society sets up local media outlets and hires journalists who focus on women’s rights, gay rights, ethnic minorities and so on, to either target a foreign country for regime change by building a case against them, or to keep them in line if they are already under the U.S. umbrella.

These media outlets are almost always unpopular and rarely visited in the countries that they report on. But by sheer coincidence, they are constantly used as sources in the western press in stories on those countries, to the detriment of more mainstream and popular press outlets. The stories that they produce and the quotes that they give to larger western media outlets serve to create a narrative that mirrors that of the U.S. State Department. Naturally, these reports reach the U.S. committees on foreign policy, and especially the House Freedom Caucus. Freedom House issues a yearly “Freedom Report” that grades countries like schoolchildren. The better aligned with the U.S. State Department’s goals a country is, the ‘more free’ a country is proclaimed. The criteria ranges from ‘freedom of the press’ to various social trends apparent in the USA.

A country that falls foul of the State Department and its proclaimed values is deemed ‘partially free’ or ‘unfree’. These ratings dictate how U.S. foreign policy engages with these countries and runs the gamut from institutional pressure, to economic pressure, to outright regime change. The rapid change of social mores and its legalization and institutionalization in the United States leaves many of these countries flat-footed, as they are forced to overturn their own traditions and cultures to satiate that of the constantly-changing metropole. The provinces must sacrifice culture, tradition, faith, and customs to avoid the punishing Eye of Sauron.

Not all U.S. colonialism is of this type, however. U.S. soft power, still globally unrivaled, has managed to export local American political narratives to foreign countries where those narratives do not make sense. The best example is that of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter (BLM for short) is the product of police treatment of American Blacks in urban settings and a larger context of race relations in the United States with its founding in slavery. The historical justifications for the Black Lives Matter movement do not apply to places like Canada or the UK. In these two countries, BLM is ahistorical. Neither has the same history of race relations as does the United States.

BLM has grafted onto these countries’ political bodies thanks to the overwhelming power of United States media and culture, which has completely taken over Canadian culture and is now making significant inroads into the UK.

When a movement has no organic reason to exist or to develop in a country and has been wholly imported from a more powerful country, we can only call it what it is: colonialism.

The subversion and overthrow of traditional American mores and its replacement by a new set of values that claim to be in the spirit of decolonization is belied by how the USA today has quickly co-opted these new values for its foreign policy objectives and expansion of Pax Americana. America is an empire, and will remain so for some time. The question is, what kind?

“Black Lives Matter” and weaponized “feminism” are just as destructive to the countries to which the United States exports them as they are to their country of origin. It is all the more imperative, then, that an emerging elite develops in America in order to clean house domestically, and restore truth, sanity, beauty, and justice to the forefront of the American values system. An empire without moral authority is an empire which will soon be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Niccolo Soldo is a writer and geopolitical analyst. Read more of Soldo’s work at his SubStack.


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