by Harold Cameron

This is a Guest Post.

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For a few moments in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, August 26, 2020, a 17-year-old kid from exurban Chicago, carrying an unremarkable, bargain-bin rifle no different from those owned by millions of Americans, proved more powerful than the combined might of the entire world order.

Ethnonarcissist rioters have been coddled and lionized in the establishment’s media, lavishly funded and fawningly endorsed by the largest corporations on earth, and utterly immunized from legal or physical consequences by complicit civil servants. Joined by legions of the downwardly mobile refuse of the white lower middle class, they have spent months doing exactly as they pleased with our country.

There seemed to be nothing we could do. If we complained, as many of us did, we could be fired from our jobs. If we exercised our First Amendment rights the same exact way as leftists, we could be charged with “hate crimes.” If we tried to go about our business and enjoy our public spaces as though masked thugs had not been given license to enforce “justice” as they saw fit, we could be cornered by shrieking mobs, forced to submit to their demands, or worse, simply beaten to a pulp for asserting our right to go where we please in a supposedly free country.

If we armed ourselves for defense, we often prevented our neighborhoods from becoming burnt-out, bare-shelved husks. But, as Mark and Patricia McCloskey learned in St. Louis, if your local elected officials are sufficiently in the enemy’s corner, merely refusing to yield your own front yard to people who hate you can now land you with felony charges.

Our despair discounted one thing: a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse was braver than we were — or at least naive enough to not understand the odds we’re up against.

This past weekend, the Bolsheviks unleashed another round of rioting, arson, and looting in once-bucolic Kenosha, Wisconsin, justifying their crimes against innocent Americans — as they nearly always do — with the shooting of a violent, black career criminal who refused to submit to lawful arrest. On the first night, rioters knocked out a Kenosha Police Officer with a brick to the head. On the second night, they ransacked a mom and pop used car dealership. CNN declared this “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Mr. Rittenhouse, nearby, watched images of his neighbors’ churches and businesses, the sum of their life’s labor, put to the flame for the amusement of entitled children in adults’ bodies. On the third day of these “protests,” he felt compelled to make the quick, 30-minute drive over to Kenosha. He worked in the daylight to clean the graffiti and mess these people had made in their orgy of violence the night before. By night, he armed himself and stood watch for hours, looking to do his civic duty to prevent the arson and looting of the previous two nights and freely giving interviews to journalists.

As you no doubt have heard by now, a deranged pedophile rioter attacked Rittenhouse at around one in the morning. The teen retreated toward the business he was trying to defend himself from the same fate so many others had suffered the night before. When there was nowhere left to run, he unleashed a righteous and deftly aimed hail of bullets, scoring a clean headshot on his assailant. He called authorities to report the attack, but the leftist militants made it clear they wanted his blood as vengeance for their comrade.

Two more violent leftists with criminal records tried their luck as Rittenhouse ran for his life. One, armed with a pistol, would pay for his hotheadedness with a piece of his arm.

Another — a low-life with multiple arrests for brutalizing his girlfriend — swung wildly with a skateboard, trying to beat Rittenhouse’s head in as he lay on the ground. That thug paid with his life.

The violence, of course, ceased at exactly the moment the rioters stopped initiating it.

The entire combined weight of the global system sits behind the lies that created this summer’s state of affairs. The unimaginable excess wealth created by international capital, the unfathomable reach and dogmatic uniformity of the modern mass media’s narrative makers, Silicon Valley’s tech giants’ heretofore unseen control over the dissemination of information, the pseudo-intellectual rationalizations, justifications, and jargonizations thought up in academia’s pitch-black covens — all of it presses down upon our heads a thorny crown of lies. It is impossible to take the violence in our streets as anything other than what it is: the most powerful people in the world handing out licenses to terrorize the only force on Earth that stands against them — Middle America.

And yet, in a few tense moments of extreme, righteous violence, those lies evaporated as quickly as the white smoke from Rittenhouse’s barrel. At once, the truth of the matter was immediately clear to millions of people. This is not a game. This is not a joke. Our lives and our property, our streets and our homes are not playpens for centrally approved “revolutionaries” to make nightly newsreels in. There are consequences. There are two sides in this and one side had better understand the other sees this as a matter of life and death.

The emperor wore no clothes, and the effects were immediate and widespread. After months of categorically ignoring or justifying the riots, almost every prominent Democrat in the country — including presidential nominee Joe Biden — raced to the podium to condemn the looting and beg their woke pets to give it all a rest.

Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor, Tony Evers, who only the day before was blocking local requests for federal intervention and strictly limiting the number of National Guardsmen in Kenosha, suddenly bent the knee on Wednesday and submitted to President Trump’s plan to restore order without exceptions.

When new looting broke in Minneapolis Wednesday, Tim Walz — the Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor governor so committed to the black lies of George Floydism that he blamed his state’s initial decent into anarchy on imaginary white supremacist agent provocateurs — suddenly had a change of heart. “Dangerous, unlawful behavior will not be tolerated,” he tweeted as he ordered his state patrol to crush the insurrection in its infancy.

What changed so quickly, literally in a matter of hours?

Kyle Rittenhouse’s moment of defiance and bravery changed everything. He impressed upon the highest organs of the Democratic Party the same lesson he imparted to their enforcers on the streets of Kenosha: this is not a game. There are elements at play that they cannot hope to control, and consequences that they cannot afford to unleash by staying on their present course. This brave young man has given the powers that be no choice but to furiously pump the brakes and hope things can be settled down quickly.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first degree murder in what appears at this juncture to be a gross miscarriage of justice to appease the same violent mob whose membership he reduced by two. We wish him the best and pray that the system quickly does its duty, obeys the law, and swiftly dismisses these charges. But in today’s world turned upside-down, we must brace ourselves for the possibility that, even with a crack legal team that has been rapidly assembled around him, the teenager Rittenhouse may spend the rest of his life in prison.

It cannot be emphasized enough how lucky he is even to be alive, let alone still have a fighting chance of retaining his liberty. Only the single-mindedness, idealism, and naivety of adolescence could have convinced a man to take on the odds that he did. Whether he knew it or not, Rittenhouse stood firm not merely against a band of brigands, but against an omnipotent system that sees utility in enabling and apologizing for their criminality.

It is a miracle Rittenhouse not only survived, but triumphed, but that does not necessarily make his actions a model for emulation. If anything, his personal experience illustrates the futility of getting involved in any of these fights when not absolutely necessary, especially given the current political and cultural circumstances.

He may not have known it, but Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t simply take on a few violent criminals with a cheap, ubiquitous rifle. He took on the entire system that enabled them. And — at least for one brief and inexplicable moment — he won. Rittenhouse may not a role model, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an American hero.

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