REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE: Revolver News has learned through our sources that the Sun Belt surge in COVID-19 cases at the border is likely due to border-crossing legal transient workers who have earned special visa status from the administration thanks to lobbying from Big Business and the Republican Establishment.

Three senior administration sources familiar with the matter  sources have reliably informed Revolver News of an internal White House study strongly suggesting that the surge in cases of COVID-19 at the United States border is coming from legal transient workers known as “day crossers,” who cross into the United States to work and then return to Mexico.

The news media has lately covered extensively the spike in COVID-19 cases in the United States sun belt, particularly in the Hispanic population.

Several conservative commentators have quite reasonably speculated that illegal immigration could be a major contributing factor to this spike.

An earlier informative study by the Center for Immigration Studies affirms that border crossings are likely contributing to the COVID-19 spike, but leaves the legal status of those principally responsible for spreading the infection ambiguous.

But the coverage is evasive, factually challengeable, and threads the needle around questions the American public deserves to know about this new influx development: Are Covid-19-infected Mexican citizens, with no legal status, illegally crossing the border and taking beds and care — at U.S. taxpayer expense — that American citizens suffered terrible economic lockdowns to free up for American citizen use? [Center for Immigration Studies]

The internal White House study suggests that the spread is mostly coming from legal transient workers with special H-2A and H-2B visas. Swampy, establishment sunbelt Republicans managed to successfully lobby the Trump Administration to carve out exceptions to Trump’s Covid related immigration restrictions to accommodate their cheap labor seasonal workers and day crossers. Heaven forbid they increase their wages to the point that Americans are willing to do the work. From April:

Last month, the U.S. Department of State announced that it would stop processing visas in Mexico, much to the alarm of growers who rely heavily on immigrant labor to meet seasonal needs. Subsequently, the State Department announced that H-2A visa processing will resume, while in-person visa interviews will be waived for anyone who interviewed the previous year. In the end, as the fear of labor and food shortages grew, the State Department decided to waive the in-person visa interview requirement for all H-2A applicants, both new and returning workers, as well as seasonal nonagricultural workers seeking entry through the H-2B program.

Furthermore, President Trump recently announced plans to sign an executive order temporarily banning people from immigrating permanently into the United States, but the anticipated announcement reportedly will not affect the entry of seasonal agricultural workers into the United States or provide any additional safeguards for the health and safety of those workers or people with whom they may come into contact. [American Progress]

Establishment Republicans have a special affinity for day laborer programs that allow corporations to exploit cheap immigrant labor while (somewhat) limiting the negative externalities of permanent residence.

REVOLVER CONCLUSION: The negative consequences of immigration are not simply limited to illegal immigration. In fact, many forms of legal immigration are equally if not more harmful to American citizens than illegal immigration—and this White House study powerfully illustrates that this true specifically when it comes to our nation’s public health and critical public health infrastructure.


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