We at Revolver.news are dedicated to providing the public with facts and sober analysis regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated consequences.

This entails having a clear view of the actual risks of COVID-19, including how many deaths there are and where those deaths are concentrated.

A White House source recently disclosed “shocking” numbers pertaining to the degree to which COVID-19 fatality numbers are concentrated in the very elderly, and in particular nursing homes. Two White House sources revealed the following info which was circulating in an internal study by the Council of Economic Advisers:

Nursing home residents in US are 27% of deaths vs .35% of the population. All long term care facilities including nursing homes account for 40% of deaths. And within nursing home deaths, 10% of nursing homes account for 80% of all nursing home deaths—amounting to a whopping 21% total of all deaths.

This is not classified information and the numbers are more or less in line with publicly available numbers, for instance, in this New York Times report.

What is significant about the White House circulating these numbers internally is that it confirms awareness of the dramatically skewed nature of COVID-19 deaths toward the very elderly—concentrated in specific nursing homes.

This would seem to call into question the strategy of shutting down virtually the entire economy with devastating lockdowns that destroy the economic prospects for younger generations. President Trump’s instincts are correct on this and he understands the lockdowns are counter-productive and dangerous.

Let’s hope the President listens to his better instincts and refuses to be masked by discredited “public health” experts who may have an ulterior agenda other than what is best for the American people.

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