Cassandra Fairbanks is reporting that the family of Jessica Doty Whitaker has now been forced to cancel their Memorial Walk thanks to the political atmostphere created by the Black Lives Matter Interahamwe Left.

Earlier, the Gateway Pundit reported that these goons were trolling her Facebook page with nasty messages.

Black Lives Matter sociopaths are currently raiding the Facebook page of Jessica Doty Whitaker, the young mother who was murdered after saying “All Lives Matter,” celebrating her death and mocking her grieving relatives.

Doty Whitaker was walking by the canal in Indianapolis after a Fourth of July celebration with her fiance and two friends when they were approached by a group of people saying that “Black Lives Matter.” Someone in the group had allegedly used the word “n-gga” speaking to their friends in a non-disparaging way, which the thugs took offense to.

During the confrontation, Whitaker said that “All Lives Matter.” The situation escalated and the BLM supporters drew weapons. This prompted the young woman’s fiance to also pull out a weapon and deescalate the situation, so they thought. Instead, the murderers waited for the group to walk by again and ambushed them, repeatedly shooting Whitaker. [Gateway Pundit]

What does it mean to call the vicious Antifa and Black Lives Matter the Interahamwe Left?

The Interahamwe (Kinyarwanda, meaning “those who stand/work/fight/attack together”) is a Hutu paramilitary organization. The militia enjoyed the backing of the Hutu-led government leading up to, during, and after the Rwandan Genocide. Since the genocide, they have been forced out of Rwanda, and have sought asylum in Congo. They are currently a terrorist group hiding in the Congo and the Ugandan forest. While still in action, they despised the Tutsis so much that they often referred to them as cockroaches, or inyenzi in Kinyarwanda. [Military Wikia]

These goons, who often operate with either explicit or tacit support from the Democratic party, are absolutely genocidal in their hatred of white Americans. Just like the Interahamwe of Rwanda were genocidal towards the Tutsis. They also hate any patriotic non-whites who they view as collaborators with the the white American middle-class.

The only reason that the government has not yet officially sanctioned the genocidal lust of the Antifa/Black Lives Matter gang is because Republicans still nominally control the White House and Senate.

Otherwise, we would already be on step five. The Democrats already want to defund the police so they can create paramilitary forces of political commissars, hilariously calling themselves “social workers,” who will enforce their agenda on the American people.

Inevitably, they will claim they are doing so in the name of “social justice.” If you engage in lawful self-defense, you will be prosecuted, like the McCloskeys, But if your home is invaded by thugs and you and your family are killed, the “social workers” will not bother to investigate.