Earlier today, Attorney General Barr finally gave his long-awaited testimony to Congress on the dire state of affairs in American cities, and his plans to address the communist-aligned Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, burning, and looting.

After two entire months of the Democratic party’s paramilitary forces laying siege to American cities, there remains one major elephant in the room that has gone largely unmentioned by Republicans; the DOJ’s seeming reluctance to arrest the rioters and bring them to justice, and their deliberate resistance to placing an active FBI presence in these war-torn cities.

REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: One White House source and one DOJ source have independently confirmed that the DOJ is deliberately resisting putting an active FBI presence in riot torn Portland and Seattle.

While AG Barr is generally good and much of his testimony was strong, internal resistance at the DOJ threatens the entire mission to restore law and order to Portland and Seattle.

Quite simply, no matter how many heroic Border Patrol and DHS Troops Chad Wolf is able to send into the mayhem to protect the cities, the riots will not stop until the DOJ is prepared to throw serious criminal charges at the violent actors involved.

This is the only way to decisively and permanently put an end to the violent riots.

While the DOJ has recently charged some of the actors, it remains to be seen whether these are serious charges that will stick or, more than likely, this is some version of catch and release.

Two sources close to the matter in the DOJ say that Barr is eager to stop the protests, but he is simply scared. While this might seem quite damning, it is an understandable human reaction. Along with the State Department, the DOJ is a key swamp stronghold and any bold actions taken against Antifa on behalf of the American people will be met with sabotage and resistance internally.

It is simply obscene that, at this moment in America, citizens like the St. Louis couple that famously defended their private property from a menacing and potentially violent Antifa mob have faced more dire threats from prosecutors than any of the Antifa paramilitary members burning down cities, breaking down police barricades, storming federal buildings and attacking federal officers.

To put an end to this madness, AG Barr would be wise to do the following immediately:

First, find a handful of the most violent perpetrators and lay down the full weight of the United States Department of Justice on them. They should get the same maximal treatment usually reserved for those who expose corruption and embarrass the powerful, such as Julian Assange.

When the DOJ actually wants to play hardball, they can. Just look at the initial sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, an absurd seven to nine years in prison for a process crime.

Secondly, the FBI and DOJ should identify ten of the top behind-the-scenes organizers and funders of these riots and throw the absolute weight of the DOJ against them.

These are not haphazard violent protests. They are the products of highly sophisticated organization, as Revolver.news covered in our analysis of an insider account posted by one of the organizers of the Antifa siege on Minneapolis.

The scoundrels rioting in America’s burning cities are not sympathetic to ordinary Americans, and Barr would be celebrated as a hero for putting an end to this carnage.

Despite Barr’s concerns about internal sabotage at the DOJ, he still can and absolutely must take the decisive action recommended above for the sake of the President, our cities, our Constitution, and most importantly, for the People.

The overwhelming majority of the American people, and especially Trump’s base, want decisive action to put a stop to these protests, and there is only one way to do it swiftly and decisively.

Impose a real deterrent and marshal the full force of the DOJ to charge both the perpetrators and the organizers.

As a great man once said in his Inaugural Address as President, we have now reached the hour of action.

Credit: Sue Tucker

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