The only thing more shameful than the BLM and Antifa rioting, looting, and destruction visited on the American people has been the shameful unwillingness and pathetic inability of our government institutions and political leaders to decisively put a stop to it.

This lack of any meaningful response is particularly disturbing to see in the Republican party, which sells itself as the force that can both protect the American people from looting and destruction, and attack the animating ideology behind the mayhem. Rather than keep their implicit promises to voters, the utterly worthless Do-Nothing-Republicans are mostly complicit in aiding the very destructive forces their voters count on them to oppose.

Senator Braun, who was heroically exposed by Tucker Carlson, is just one example.

As disturbing as it is to see inaction and complicity on the part of the GOP, it is perhaps still more disturbing to see it in institutions directly charged with serving and protecting the American people — the police, the military and security organizations like the FBI.

The following shocking photo and video of police and military literally “taking a knee” to the BLM rioters suggest what many Americans have begun to feel in their bones — the American security state is not on the side of the American people, and it goes all the way to the top.

Philadelphia: National Guard and Police Kneel Before Protestors

Philadelphia Police and National Guard Kneel

California: National Guard and Police Kneel Before The “Peaceful” Rioters

National Guard “Soldier” Kneels To BLM
“Soldier” Kneeling
Santa Cruz Police Officer Kneels For Black Lives Matter
Napa Police Chief Joins in the Kneeling

Oklahoma City: National Guard and Police Kneel Before The “Peaceful” Rioters

Oklahoma City Police and National Guard Bending Knee to Mob

Portland: Police Officers Bend the Knee

Portland Cops Bend the Knee

Fort Worth: Officer Bends the Knee

Fort Worth Officer Displays Total Submission

Trenton, NJ: Officers Submit to BLM

Trenton Police In Gesture of Spiritual Surrender to BLM

Detriot, MI: More Submission by the Police

Detroit Police Kneeling to BLM

Boston, MA: Police Display Total Submission to Mob

Boston Police and National Guard Submit to BLM
The fist is a nice touch

Not to be outdone, the increasingly discredited FBI sent their best and brightest to get in on the kneeling.

FBI Doing What They Do Best

Perhaps this helps to illuminate why this alleged “Law Enforcement Agency” sent 15 agents to investigate Bubba Watson’s NASCAR Noose Hoax.

Maybe the FBI should apologize too and start investigating real things instead. For instance, this:

Now…back to our list.

London, UK: London Police Show That They Can Submit Even Harder to BLM (yes they had BLM protests there, too)

London “Officer” Kneeling For BLM Approval

Never forget what these pathetic officials are kneeling for: Kneeling does not show “solidarity” it shows “weakness.”

Not to long after the London officer knelt to the BLM protestors, the protestors showed their true colors and got violent, attacking many of the man’s fellow officers.

London Police Officer injured by “peaceful” BLM protestors.

This National Guardsman in Minnesota Took a Knee for Protestors

Minnesota guardsman bends the knee

This is what he got in return:

A Minnesota Fire Worth Kneeling For


Just as Americans had to learn the hard way that corporate America has become fully corrupt with woke ideology, so must they now confront the difficult reality that the same disease has thoroughly infiltrated institutions that Americans traditionally thought of as “patriotic” and “conservative.” This infiltration includes the police forces, the FBI, and even the Military — and goes all the way to the top.

Indeed, “Mad Dog” Mattis took the highly unusual step for a senior military official to attack Trump when it looked like he was going to take action to stop these riots. A number of key military figures, including the present Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, followed suit.

This of course does not mean that everyone in law enforcement or the military is an agent of the corrupt ruling class — far from it. Many, and probably most who serve in these institutions — especially rank and file — are some of the best Americans we have.

It is precisely due to the natural orientation of the military and police toward patriotism that the ruling class has dedicated so much energy to subvert these institutions — and at the highest levels they have been successful. The forces of wokeness are also actively replacing the lower-ranks with lower quality people — dumber, fatter, and less competent overall.

We must come to realize that every single institution in the country has come under the control of forces that are utterly hostile to the interests of the American people.

With a clear eye as to the nature and scope of the problem, we will prevail.

Credit: Sue Tucker